Tinner’s Trail – Cornish Board Game

Ahead of a planned spring time walking trip in Cornwall, England we’ve been playing Tinner’s Trail. You may not have thought about designing a board game around the economics of copper and tin mining in nineteenth century Cornwall, but Martin Wallace has.  He’s carefully avoided added arsenic mining to the game, although that was a… Read More »

Almond Butter Spinach Pesto Pasta

I love almond butter, it’s like peanut butter went to finishing school and got all fancy and refined.  Sadly it got finishing school expensive too so it’s not ideal for AB&J sandwiches or Joey style peanut butter fingers.  It’s great to use as an ingredient, particularly for people who can’t eat peanuts, but before serving… Read More »

Zingy Butternut Squash and Feta Pasta

This recipe makes a great autumnal dish, with oodles of flavour and a nice comfort feel.  It’s vegetarian, yet uber easy to make into a vegan meal – just leave out the feta.  You can add a few toasted pine nuts if you like, just to boost the protein content back up again, but be… Read More »

1960: The Making of the President

The United States Presidential election last year was probably the most interesting one ever in terms of twists and turns, rabbits out of hats and gotchas. A fascinating battle, the likes of which we haven’t seen before wit social media, “alternative facts” and leaks-a-plenty really being felt for the first time. The election of 1960 fought… Read More »

Cashew Pesto Pasta with Cranberries and Feta

This quick and easy vegetarian pasta dish can be on the table in the time it takes to boil the pasta, and you can make it vegan simply by leaving out the last minute feta sprinkle. It was born of necessity.  After Christmas there’s so many half packets of things about the place that need… Read More »

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is so well known that the names of the characters are regularly used as verbal shorthand for a certain personality style. The novella doesn’t take long to read and the writing style keeps the reader gripped, even though the elements of  mystery and surprise are somewhat… Read More »

What To Read in Berlin, Germany

I love Berlin, it’s a great city with a real buzz about it.  There’s plenty to see and do and no matter where you are there’s always a new piece of history to learn about just around the corner.  It seems a bit indulgent then to pack a few books to read in he hotel, but… Read More »

Endeavour: Morse Meets Mad Men

Who Is Endeavour Morse? Fans of the classic British police drama Inspector Morse had to wait until the final episode to discover Morse’s first name. An intensely private character, he was known simply as Morse to everyone, and never told anyone his first name. In the new series Endeavour there is no such mystery. Endeavour… Read More »

Matkot, Frescoball, Frescobol at the Beach

What is Matkot? What is Frescobol? Matkot and Frescobol are two different names for the same game. Matkot is crazy-popular in Israel, and literally translates as “paddle”. Frescobol is played on the beaches of Brazil, and transliterates as Fresh-Ball. Those of us with English as a first language can join in by playing Frescoball. With… Read More »

Eggless Peanut Butter Cookie Variations

These eggless peanut butter cookies are easy to make with just a few ingredients you’ve probably already got on hand. They’re perfect for when we have vegans visiting, or I need a lactose-free cookie recipe on short notice. I have made them with butter rather than vegan margarine and that works fine, but they won’t… Read More »