Superheroes on the Sofa

By | December 20, 2014

Superman SlanketI have TV-loving nieces and nephews. Now the older ones are in college or their first jobs, living in rented apartments, their TV watching is part of a money saving plan. Gathering round the TV is cheaper than going out, and snuggling under a “blankie” saves a fortune on heating.

Being a quality Auntie I bought my nephew a Superman “slanket” for his birthday.

Why would a blanket have sleeves?

That’s a good question, I’d never seen a blanket with sleeves until I visited a college dorm. It allows couch potatoes to read a book, have a drink or snack, or in the case of one niece, get on with her knitting, without moving the blanket or creating a draft.

Why a Superhero?

Why not! I’m amazed by the ability of teens and twenty-somethings to sit square eyed for hours in front of what my Grandfathers called the “idiot tube”. For them it’s a super power. They do it whilst reading, texting, typing or surfing. Whilst I may sit down to watch a political show or a Nordic Noir drama, before getting on with something else, they tend to have the TV on as background.

I figure there will be plenty of time for me to catch up on soap operas and reality shows when I’m living in the retirement castle.

Is the Superhero blanket any good?

Yes. It’s warm yet light, the sleeves work and the print is good. Compared to standard brands it doesn’t have the pocket that you get with a Snuggie, but that’s not been a problem, and it works as well as a Slanket. It has Superman on the front. You do need a bit of help to get the exact Superman look, using pegs to hold the back of the blanket in place, but most of the time, it’s just a fun way to keep warm.

Having seen her brother’s Superman blankie my niece had the Wonder Woman one for Christmas. My nephew bought the Batman one for his Granddad.

There aren’t many female superheroes, but a WonderWoman blanket is indeed wonderful. I suspect if she was created for TV today she wouldn’t get to wear such comfortable looking underwear, but back in the day women were allowed to be both super and women.

I like to think my underwear isn’t Bridget Jones style – it’s fabulous, just like Wonder Woman’s.

Back in my first post-university apartment we all wore hoodies to keep warm all the time, and often slept in them. It saved a fortune in heating bills. A hooded blanket makes perfect sense to me.

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