Reduce the Great North American Halloween Candy Mountain

By | October 23, 2014

glow in the dark fangsAt Halloween the stores are piled high with candy and kids are looking forward to eating their own body weight in sugar, but a few days in to November children are bored of candy and parents are fed up of the sugar high behavior that comes with it.

As soon as the 5 November rolls around, as people in England start setting fire to things, people in North America start searching for “How to use up Halloween candy” and “What do do with leftover candy“. There’s just too much candy around.

You can help to reduce the great North American candy mountain by choosing a fun Halloween themed favor to give to Trick or Treaters, one that they enjoy receiving, but that won’t break the bank. It does help to reduce the amount of sugar in circulation, and is a good Halloween gift alternative for kids with food allergies and intolerances, which seem to be growing.

Let’s be clear up front. A toothbrush is not an acceptable Trick or Treat gift. If toothbrushes are your plan then do take a long hard look in the mirror, you may be turning intoThe Grinch.

These teeth however are fun, and affordable. For the same price as a bargain bucket of candy you get 72 sets of glow in the dark teeth that kids can have fun with over Halloween and into the dark nights. Whilst these don’t have the professional quality you’d like if you were playing Dracula on stage every night, they do work perfectly as a fun favor.

The “glow in the dark” feature does make them a better choice than regular vampire teeth as in a darkened room they are super creepy, and ideal for terrifying Grandma – in my experience the careful setting up of getting Grandma into a dark room so that a kid can come in with fully glowing teeth does help to ensure a practiced terrified face.

LEBSKO® 8" Glow in the Dark Sticks Bracelets - 100 Count

Glow Bracelets

If you expect a bigger crowd, double up, or try adding some glow in the dark sticks to your order. They’re great fun and can be used straight away to brighten up the party.  100 bracelets means you’ll have plenty to dish out, all for less than $10.

These are perfect for people who want to give a fun, safe treat that can be enjoyed after Halloween. No glow in the dark vampire teeth, but who can resist the temptation of watching Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.

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