Advent Calendar Gift For The Fashionista

By | December 11, 2014

Mini Manor AdventMy niece received the Ciate Manicure Advent Calendar from her boyfriend last year. He’s her husband now. These two facts may be unrelated, but I’m not so sure, she really did love her nail polish Advent calendar which had funky caviar beads. It’s been updated for 2014 with the latest fashionable colours.

We’re now well into advent so  gift calendars. Get in quick to buy one up ready for next year. They have a dozen listed as in stock at the moment but I expect that to drop fast as people spot that they can get January sales prices in December. You could always give one as a countdown to Valentines surprise.

Advent calenders are a bit of a tradition in out family, from the rickety old paper ones we had in the 60’s, and stuck to a window to allow the light to shine through the tissue paper to make a stained glass effect, through the 70’s when we had ones from Germany with marzipan and ginger treats inside and then the little wooden tress with a new decoration each day to the Lego Star Wars advent calendars and Playmobil Yuletide scenes, we do love advent.

This Ciate (See-art-ay) Advent calendar is a real treat. It’s a gift in and of itself as you get 24 little pots of the fashionable Ciate polish, one 5ml bottle each day. 20 of the pots are colored nail polish, enough to keep even the most active home manicurist going. There’s a wide range of daring colors, and a few more muted tones.

On four of the Advent days you get luxurious “caviar”, tiny shimmering pearls that you seal into your manicure, giving you a real catwalk look. It’s not as messy as it seems, the pack comes with a little funnel that allows you to rescue any pearls that you spill, and pour them back in the bottle, so you don’t have to worry about wasting them.

Ciate Sneak PreviewThere was some anticipation through the party season – would today’s bottle be the exact right shade for tomorrow’s outfit? I suspect some cheating did occur as those caviar pearls all came out really early in December, but who could really begrudge someone the fun of showing off their Advent calendar treats.

In case you’re wondering, she hand-crafted him a beer-a-day advent calendar, buying a 24 different bottled beers and putting a sticker numbered 1-24 on each one. Maybe that’s why he proposed.

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