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By | November 12, 2014

Surf FishingSurf Fishing Gifts

One of the big draws of moving to the coast is surf fishing the fabulous beaches. The weather may play a pretty big part in the decision too, along with the cost of living, but for men who fish, all those miles of fish-filled ocean are a real bonus.

If your fisherman has moved from colder inland climes to a warmer coast then he may already have plenty of fishing gear, but it’s all pretty useless for surf fishing. Huddling up warm by the Great Lakes in winter requires a very different fishing gift strategy than squishing warm sand through your toes as you surf fish the shoreline.

The great thing about surf fishing, like many “Dad pursuits”, is that it’s easy to find a fishing gift for Dads who surf fish at any price point that will be happily received and used regularly.

Living Large Whilst Surf Fishing

sportbrellaPeople will often buy the essential fishing kit they need for themselves, they’ll have a clear views of the rods, reels, and technical kit that they want, but it’s great to be able to pimp their fishing pitch and make them more comfortable and relaxed whilst fishing with unique and original fishing gifts.

With these gift choices for the surf fisher in your life, they can also stay out of the sun, keep safe and be cool. You can even order your fishing gift last minute and have Amazon deliver. Everyone is happy.

People out fishing can be Cavalier about sun protection, but this Sport-Brella was a hit. It’s super easy to put up, and works well to protect from sun wind and rain. It’s part way between being a boring beach umbrella and an over-engineered beach tent, so meets the Dad-friendly criteria of being practical, well designed, light and non-fussy.

The Swiss Army fisherman tool is not only practical, it’s cool too. People love being cool, even if it is only Dad-cool.

Do choose the fishing specific knife to get the disgourger and descaler, and make sure it’s kept clean. Swilling in salt water is fine to get rid of nasty smelly stuff on your day out, but the salt water isn’t good for it long term. Swill back home with fresh water and leave the gadgets out to dry thoroughly before a squirt of WD40 and packing away.

If your budget is larger try a Fish N Mate cart. You can get a cooler full of ice and bait on board, ready to store your fresh fish, as well as fresh drinking water and a nice picnic lunch.

There’s room for rods and tackle as well as your various odds and ends for the day. The tires are fat enough to cope with reasonably soft sand too.

Getting Better At Surf Fishing

Here’s the first thing we learned about surf fishing – your rod is no good here. Whilst you can spend a fun day on the beach with any old rod, and I have happy memories of fishing alongside my Dad with an orange plastic stick that had a line drilled through it, the real key to surf fishing rods is their “whipability”, they need to be super bendy to get enough momentum to allow you to cast out far enough into the surf.

If you want to buy your Dad a surf fishing rod, it would be great to go along with him to a fishing store and pick one out together, adding a lunch date to the trip. Dad’s like lunch dates. Honest.

I’m often selecting a gift from afar, and books are an easy option to send as a surprise, they can be mailed direct from Amazon, gift wrapped, saving time and shipping costs.  If your fisherman is a tinkerer then he can tinker away trying different approaches for different conditions, good for a person who likes to plan a fishing strategy.

Location specific books give you the best local knowledge of how to set up and where to fish for what.

This really is the complete book. A great start for new fishermen, or those that are new to surf fishing.

It’s a good choice for people considering surf fishing, but who want to be informed before spending money on kit.

Staying Cool Whilst Surf Fishing

Surf Fishing means standing on the beach for a long time, and the sun will be reflected around from the sand and the sea. Sun protection is really important, but you will want to choose friendly sun protection, stuff that looks cool and worn in rather than something he got told to wear!

A hat is great,  breathable with a wide enough brim to provide protection, without looking silly. In case of wind emergency this hat floats, so your Dad won’t lose it to the Ocean.

This shirt comes with built in sun protection, and you don’t have to buy it in lime green, it comes in a range of colors. It dries quickly and wicks sweat, making it a great fishing shirt.

If it gets covered in sea water, or worse, fish guts, it rinses and dries super quick, although you may need to remind your dad that a swill in the sea is not a real laundry activity, it will need to go in the machine at home to get the fish gut smell out.

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