Better Call Saul Goodman Halloween Costume

By | October 20, 2015

better call saulGet The Saul Goodman Look

Breaking Bad offers the hottest Halloween costume choices this year, and there’s no better Halloween costume for a lawyer, para-legal or law student than that of Saul Goodman. With Better Call Saul getting its own Netflix spin off show, Saul looks like the character who’ll still be making the Halloween headlines this year.

Get your shiny suit on the go, team up with some people dressed asWalter White, Jesse Pinkman, Skyler White, or the Schraders and you’re good to go. Bring Mike Ehrmentraut just in case things get a little lively.

You may have some of the items you need lurking in the back of your wardrobe, or be able to borrow some of the them, but do be careful when suggesting that you’d like to borrow a friend’s suit because it looks just the exact right level of sleazy. People can be so easily offended.

Get A Saul Suit

You need a suit. Not a nice suit.

If you don’t already have a slightly ill-fitting, slightly shiny suit to wear, and it’s really not easy to borrow one without offending someone by asking, then Amazon does a surprisingly wide range of terrible suits that fit the bill. Just search at the bottom end of the price range.

Whilst you’re there, pick up a red shirt, or maybe a yellow one, perhaps with contrasting stitching. Again, search Price: Low to High, you want something in a man made fiber if you’re going to look sweaty and uncomfortable.

Accessorize (Badly)

A trustworthy lawyer wears a matching pocket square. A really good lawyer wears a clashing one. Make sure your pocket square doesn’t match your tie, think yellow shirt, pink tie, red pocket square.

lady-liberty-costumeFemale Saul Goodman Costume

You could choose an inflatable Statue of Liberty to promote your perfectly legitimate law practice.

You could also convince a friend to dress up as one instead.

With a limited number of good female costume opportunities in Breaking Bad, and no Mrs Goodman in the show, that could work.

Get Your Saul On

Mike Ehrmantraut Halloween Costume

Whilst Saul Goodman was undeniably a standout comic character in Breaking Bad, there was plenty of pathos that went with the character. Yet for pathos galore, you need to look to Mike.

A man who can commit any number of cold blooded murders, yet do so with real compassion for friends and family, Mike’s character is both brilliantly written and acted.

Go Bald and Beardy

Go bald. You can shave your head, or get yourself a bald cap.

It’s not easy to find white stubble to stick on, or a white goatee so you may need to grow your own facial hair and bleach it. That’s real commitment.

Make the most of your concealed carry licences that you hold in 40 states. You’ll need a black bomber jacket, nothing too flash, nothing too noticeable. I had one as a kid when Ska was king and I lived in the Two Tone capital of the world, it’s a shame I didn’t keep it.

Something that will take you straight from a standoff or a job to waiting at the school gates.

Get Your Mike Down

If you’re too lazy to pull together a costume, why not just be a walking billboard for Saul.

These Breaking Bad T-shirts make great gifts for fans of the show.



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