Blueberry Cinnamon Cake

By | June 3, 2012

This is an easy to make cake, that looks like it’s really difficult.  I like that, it give people the impression that I’m an organised and together person, without me having to actually be one.
The cake itself is a basic Victoria sponge, go ahead and use your own favourite recipe, or if you’re American, a white or yellow cake mix.  Add 2 teaspoons of cinnamon and a teaspoon of ground mixed spice to the mix and blend it in well.  I use wholewheat flour in mine which makes it look more spicy and taste a little nuttier, but it’s not essential.

Once the cake has cooled, sandwich it with raspberry jam.  I do use home made raspberry jam for this because my garden churns out loads of raspberries in a really short period of time, so jam is a great way to use them up.  You could use blueberry jam if you are rich.  Strawberry doesn’t quite cut it, it competes with rather than complements the cinnamon.

The icing is a standard buttercream, but made with cream cheese instead of butter, again with a teaspoon of cinnamon mixed in along with a teaspoon of vanilla essence.  I used a 100g ~4oz pack of reduced fat Philadelphia soft cheese, with 200g icing sugar.  You could use full fat and of course you can use store’s own brand.  Spread it over the cake.  It will likely be a bit runny, if you want to avoid this, use half butter half cream cheese to solidify the icing a bit.  I didn’t, and I was happy with the fluid nature, it added to the whole ‘effortless’ look.

Then just top with blueberries, they’ll pull the icing outwards, and some will fall off the sides, allowing nibbling, and a rustic look.  I did try raspberries one time instead, but it didn’t look quite as effortless and quickly the raspberries start to bleed juice into the icing making it run and start to look rather like the cake was bleeding out.

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