Bread Machine Pizza

By | June 28, 2011

Pizza is good. I hold this truth to be self evident, but lately I’ve found that belief to be shaken a little by frozen pizza that it indistinguishable in flavour from the box it came in and take-away pizza which is made with synthetic cheese rather than the real thing.

Since I have a bread maker I can make pizza in 90 minutes, with only a maximum of 15 minutes work. The pizza dough setting takes 45 minutes and calls for bread flour, olive oil, salt and water, all of which pass the ‘Would your grandparents recognise it as food?’ test. I often get a little fancy and ass a teaspoon of dried oregano to the mix for extra flavour. Then all it takes is to pull the dough into a pizza shape and top it.
My ‘secret sauce’ isn’t really a secret, it’s two table spoons of tomato puree mixed with a generous tablespoon of tomato pesto. The puree alone is too bland, and the pesto too rich, but the combo, spread thinly on the dough is perfect. To that I add freshly sliced mozarella – sadly cow’s rather than water buffalo milk cheese on cost basis alone. My final topping is ripped basil leaves.
It ain’t fancy, it’s old Italy rather than Little Italy, but it’s fast, it’s cheap, it tastes great and makes me look like a real cook.

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