Bring Me A Sturdy Zester

By | September 30, 2014

Sturdy ZesterI bought myself a sturdy lemon zester for my birthday. I’m grateful to myself for making such a good choice. That birthday was over four years ago, but the zester is still sturdy and has seen duty not only on lemons, but on limes and oranges too.

Previously I’d used a little grater, or tried cutting strips of zest off with asharp knife. The grating method tended to add some bonus protein to any zest with a few chunks of my knuckle skin, and the sharp knife approach added a lovely red color from cuts in my hand. This OXO GoodGrips zester avoids those downsides.

This OXO zester really does have a Good Grip. The handle is designed to sit comfortably in my hand, with a soft feel and a rugged texture that increases grip and ensures no slippage even with lemon oil or juice making my hand wet and slippy. Other zesters and peelers can slip and you end up with a sore hand or scrawny looking zest.

The zest it cuts is beautiful. I can get long curling zest that looks pretty atop a dish, or make lots of short scrapes to produce a mass of tiny pieces of zest when I want the flavor, but not the look. It has a side feature that allows me to cut thicker curls of zest, ideal for decorating cakes and cocktails, or serving on the side of mulled wine at Christmas.

Whether you want zest to perk up a fish dish, add flavor to liqueurs, zip up a salsa or add zing to jam, this is a great little zester, and cheap enough to add on to your order as a treat for yourself or the cook in your life.

One thought on “Bring Me A Sturdy Zester

  1. Elizabett

    Thanks! I have never made any type of zest before and I didn’t have a zeetsr so I used your pealer technique and it worked perfect! You made it look so simple. 🙂

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