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Vienna to Hainburg by Bike

I woke up at normal time, glad I didn’t have to get up, but quickly bored so I had a shower and wrote some postcards before heading down to breakfast.  People were drinking Sekt from the buffet with their egg, sausage, fruit, cheese, cereal, cake, yogurt and croissants.  It was the most ridiculously overblown breakfast… Read More »

Packing List For Cycling The Danube

This is my proposed packing list for cycling the Danube: Medical Tweezers Scissors Plasters Vitamins Medications Antiseptic wipes Bite cream Voltarol Painkillers Insect repellant Personal Contact lenses Sun screen factor 40 or 50 Toothpaste/brush Shampoo – for hair, body and clothes Moisturiser Towel Razor/blades Tissues – for use as emergency loo roll Deodorant – futile,… Read More »