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Sculpture In The Garden

Visiting The Botanical Gardens Every year Leicester University puts on a sculpture exhibition at Leicester Botanical Gardens. It’s free to attend and there are several sculptures from a range of different artists displayed around the gardens. The outdoor sculptures vary in style. Some of the garden sculptures are designed to blend into their surroundings, organic… Read More »

Who Will Win The Tour de France?

Le Tour de France 2015 Chris Froome. OK, you probably wanted more than that… 2015 marks the 102nd Tour de France, although the first Tour ran in 1903, it took a break during both World Wars. In 2014 the Tour de France started in Yorkshire, England, in front of wild crowds, before heading to Buckingham… Read More »

Tired and Emotional In The UK

The Great British Euphemism Despite popular opinion, British people will often go out of their way to avoid being rude. Partly that’s because we’re a really polite people, but in the public area of life it’s also because the libel laws in the UK are draconian and people can be sued for publishing untruths about… Read More »

Hamlet’s Castle – Elsinore Near Copenhagen

When William Shakespeare wrote Hamlet, and described Elsinore Castle, it was Kronborg Castle at Helsingor in Denmark he was really talking about. The Castle and its star defenses are now a UNESCO World Heritage site and are well worth a visit, whether your interest is in English literature, Nordic history, military strategy, medieval architecture, or… Read More »