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Sculpture In The Garden

Visiting The Botanical Gardens Every year Leicester University puts on a sculpture exhibition at Leicester Botanical Gardens. It’s free to attend and there are several sculptures from a range of different artists displayed around the gardens. The outdoor sculptures vary in style. Some of the garden sculptures are designed to blend into their surroundings, organic… Read More »

How To Prevent Black Mold

Die Mold Die! There’s no room for sentiment with black mold, it’s just got to go. Black mold settles where it’s comfortably cool and moist, with no pesky drafts to disturb it. Your first job is to make your home an unhappy environment for mold. There’s no need to rush out immediately and pay thousands… Read More »

Fixing Home Hair and Beauty Disasters

Help, I’ve Gone Orange Ever had a hair disaster? Ever had a self tan nightmare? With teenage girls in our house we’ve had more than our fair share of home beauty disasters.I still feel a little nauseous when I think back to my il-advised Rockabilly phase and the super-cool cut I had planned, which ended… Read More »

Leicester City 5 Manchester United 3

I Was There Some sporting events send shockwaves across the world, some change peoples’ views on society, some are really dull. The Manchester United game at Leicester City’s King Power Stadium on 21 September 2014 was none of those, but it was an exciting and improbable game that confounded the bookies and gave football’s most… Read More »

I Love My Carry On Liquids Solution

I travel a lot, and I’ve learned the expensive way how to cope with the ever changing carry-on rules imposed by airlines and security services. I now pack like a ninja. I have a perfectly sized carry-on bag which can easily store my laptop and a few days worth of clothes and supplies, even when… Read More »