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End Of The Month Scramble

End Of The Month Scramble(d egg recipe) At some point or another almost everyone has the grim realization that there’s still plenty of month left at the end of the money. Whether you’re a student, or bringing up a family whilst money is tight, a pensioner on a fixed income or you’ve been downsized against… Read More »

Quick Zucchini Muffin Recipe

Haloumi Zucchini Muffini It’s that time of year when my garden is turning out zucchini as fast as we can eat them, and maybe just a little faster, and my neighbours are starting to hide from me, so I’m forever looking for new ways to incorporate zucchini into pretty much everything we eat. These cheesy… Read More »

Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup

This soup looks really dull, but it tastes fantastic.  The combination of sweet potato, creamy coconut milk and zippy ginger is a delight, and perfect on a cold winter day. I came up with the notion whilst clearing out some cupboards.  I had a can of coconut milk that had until midnight before it hit… Read More »

Eggs Casablanca

Vegetarian Eggs Casablanca This quick vegetarian dish is a great meal to prepare after work. It has a good level of protein so is perfect for people who may need a bit more, or who have been skipping out on protein. I’d love to tell you I picked up the recipe in Casablanca, Morocco, but… Read More »

Hidden Vegetable Secret Sauce

Hiding Vegetables In Sauces Sometimes the battle to get a picky eater to eat their vegetables is just too much to bear. Whether you’ve got a fussy toddler who doesn’t like green, or an awkward teenager who daily changes the list of foods that they do or do not like, it makes mealtimes so very… Read More »