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Sherry Courgette Pasta

Like anyone who has ever grown courgettes/zucchini I occasionally find myself with a huge glut that I need to use up.  I’ve tried making Courgette Muffins, they’re great, Greek style Zucchini Pasta and Courgette and lemon pasta, also a treat, and Courgette and Tomato Soup, which has the double whammy effect of using up some garden… Read More »

Almond Butter Spinach Pesto Pasta

I love almond butter, it’s like peanut butter went to finishing school and got all fancy and refined.  Sadly it got finishing school expensive too so it’s not ideal for AB&J sandwiches or Joey style peanut butter fingers.  It’s great to use as an ingredient, particularly for people who can’t eat peanuts, but before serving… Read More »

Hidden Vegetable Secret Sauce

Hiding Vegetables In Sauces Sometimes the battle to get a picky eater to eat their vegetables is just too much to bear. Whether you’ve got a fussy toddler who doesn’t like green, or an awkward teenager who daily changes the list of foods that they do or do not like, it makes mealtimes so very… Read More »