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The Best Lego Gifts For Adults

Lego Is Creative Fun For Everyone, Not Just Kids Have you ever noticed that when a kid gets a new Lego set, some adult family members just can’t wait to help them with it. On Christmas morning, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and big brothers and sisters will be busily assisting children with their Lego Christmas… Read More »

I Love Alarm Clocks That Wake You Up

Waking up is a problem in my family, yes we’re partial to a nap, bet we each have different waking up challenges. I’ve found sonic and projection alarms work really well for our different needs. This sonic alarm clock isn’t just for lazy people, although it does work for very lazy people, and it is… Read More »

Beyond The Board Game – Hive

Hive is a fabulous two-player game for adults and children alike. With simple rules that takes minutes to grasp you can get playing almost immediately, but it will take you much longer to master those rules. Like chess it’s a game of strategy, but it’s more fun, faster and a little more balanced in favor… Read More »

How To Make Elderberry Liqueur For Christmas

Home Made Elderberry Liqueur Recipe Elderberry liqueur is easy to make, and is an ideal home made Christmas gift. Elderberries are usually free and so costs are low, and if you like you can go to town on the packaging. Don’t worry if you can’t find elderberries, blackberries will make a great liqueur, as will… Read More »