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I Love My Ceramic Knife

I held off buying a ceramic kitchen knife for quite a while, but after trying the Victorinox 6″ ceramic knife I’m a convert. Despite looking like it has a white plastic blade that wouldn’t cut a lettuce this knife is sharp. Super-duper sharp. Let me just count my fingers because I’m not sure I’d feel… Read More »

The Best Doctor Play Set … Ever

Quite a few years ago I bought a Doctor’s play set for my nephew. He loved it, and carried it with him on trips to his grandparents – just in case there was a medical emergency. Of course there always was a medical emergency. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends would need careful tending, with… Read More »

I Love My Leuchtturm Notebook

I love my Leuchtturm notebook. It’s a thing of beauty. I didn’t buy it though. I’d looked at Leuchtturm notebooks in the past and dismissed them as being a bit too pricey, but when I received one as a gift, I loved it, it’s true “you get what you pay for”. I scribble lot of… Read More »

How To Wrap Gifts Inside Santa’s Belly

Wrapping Gifts Under Santa’s Belt Most craft projects are beyond me, but wrapping regularly shaped, boxed, rectangular gifts to give the impression that they’re safely stored in Santa’s belly is something even I can do.These presents are always considered a real treat. I don’t wrap all my Christmas gifts this way, just a one or… Read More »