Countdown To Christmas With A Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar

By | December 18, 2014

Star Wars Lego AdventI first saw the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar in the duty free section of Copenhagen airport in Denmark, home of Lego, and I had to have it. This was tricky as I was flying with hand luggage only for a two day trip and I didn’t want to pay more in excess baggage costs than I did for the calendar.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I did spend a few more moments than was really acceptable for a grown woman wondering about which clothing I should throw out to make space for the Lego Star Wars Advent calendar before the notion of checking Amazon availability on my cell phone popped into my head.

Star Wars may not be the first thing you think of as you prepare for Christmas, but Advent calendars have long been a family tradition for us, and the previous religious or traditional themed Lego calendars have always been successful, so the Lego Star Wars Advent calendar was ideal for my nephew who may be at university now, but is still a Lego lad at heart.

The great thing about all the Lego Advent Calendars is that you can use them year after year if you like, re-packing the toys, but if your kid is a total Star Wars Lego geek then you can treat the whole calendar as a slow building toy.

The Lego Star Wars Calendar is really good value. You get six minifigures (I do love minifigures!), plus three droid ones. There’s five vehicles in the pack as well as a range of other pieces. At first I feared you might get those minifigures a piece at a time, maybe with the legs one day and a helmet the next, slowly building up to just two or three character or vehicles over 24 days, but that’s not the case.

The total piece count is 254. That’s just over ten pieces per day through advent, so he will get to build stuff every day.

Hurry up and be advent already!

Add The Weeping Angels For More Christmas Fun

Don’t blink. Whatever you do, do not look away and don’t blink. If your idea of a fun trip around any church is looking for statues, poking a small child of your acquaintance and whispering “Don’t Blink” in a voice filled with fear and trepidation then this is the perfect gift for you to buy that child.

You can now get weeping angels that fit perfectly on to your Lego buildings. Terrify your family members, but do think ahead and put a little money away for the therapy they’ll need as adults.

I love these Weeping Angel Minifigures and have ordered a set to sneak into my sister’s nativity display. She always creates something fabulous in the run up to Christmas, but I can’t wait to switch out her angels with these terrifying creatures.

Any Whovian (that’s a fan of the 50 year old British TV show Doctor Who) will be delighted with this evil little collection of angels to set on the mantelpiece of adorn a Christmas tree.

I love the fact that the brand is called “Character Building”, whilst they mean you’re building with little characters, what could be more character building for a little kid than to wake up on Christmas morning facing a weeping angel. They’ll know the feeling of delight that only comes from being absolutely terrified by Doctor Who.

The Daleks are fun, but you know you just have to run upstairs to defeat them, the Ood may be a little alarming, but they’re friendly really. The Cybermen live amongst us, but they’re too busy playing with their phones to be of any concern, it’s the weeping angels that are going to get you. Allons-y.

Build your terrifying army of Doctor Who baddies with the cybermen. I threw out my Bluetooth headset, and I’ll never use one again now that I know their real purpose.

There’s plenty of other options available, like a set of all of the first 12 Doctors, but if you enjoy the element of surprise you can always opt for the individual mystery packs and see which minifigure you get.

The quickest guide to Star Wars I’ve ever seen. Get caught up on 9 films in two minutes.

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