Easy Breaking Bad Halloween Costume Ideas

By | October 11, 2015

BreakBreaking Bad is a great show, and it offers some fun and clever costume options. The elements can be easy to pull together without a lot of hunting through stores.

If you want an outfit to dress up as Walter White or his Heisenberg alter-ego, for example, there are affordable ways to create an unmistakable look. The same is true if you’d rather be Jesse. You can either dress as a meth-cooker, or dress in a hoodie and give out candy meth sample. Lazy people can just throw on a Los Pollos Hermanos T-shirt and become an extra. We’ll help you identify the necessary details here.

What We’ll Cover Here

• Three ways to dress up as Walter White.

• Dressing up as the Heisenberg alter ego.

• Dressing up as Jesse.

• A Breaking Bad look for women.

• Going as a Los Pollos Hermanos employee.

Walter White in the Desert Costume

If you’re happy to spend the evening in just your tightie-whities and an apron, you can go as Walt having just run from your mobile meth lab.

  • White briefs and a green button-down shirt with burn marks on it.
  • Smear a bit of charcoal on yourself for that “just-exploded” look.
  • Don’t forget the aviator glasses and beaker.

Fruit of the Loom do a good selection of underpants, you can pick those up in stores everywhere.

Walter White Meth Cooking CostumeDupont Large Yellow Tychem Qc Chemical Protection Coveralls

The great thing about costume is that it’s much cheaper than it looks, and it’s really effective. In this Halloween costume, people will immediately know that you’ve come dressed as Walter White in full meth cooking gear. None of that embarrassed “Who are you supposed to be?”

I do not recommend that you actually cook meth in this suit, mostly because you really shouldn’t be cooking meth and also because then you’d need a safe suit and shouldn’t be taking advice from me on that.

You should, however, wear something under this suit to prevent chaffing. Make the right choice. Make the choice Walt would make. Get yourself some tighty whities.

Note: It turns out that people aren’t just buying this outfit to create a meth cooking costume. This year people are also buying this to be part of an Ebola protection worker Halloween outfit!

This looks like the real deal, it’s scarily realistic. Do order a larger outfit than your normal size as you will want some air circulation, it’s designed not to let toxic chemicals in, but that can mean not letting your own toxic gases out.

Vktech Halloween costume Mask Industrial Gas Chemical Anti-Dust Respirator Mask Goggles Set

Vktech Halloween costume Mask Industrial Gas Chemical Anti-Dust Respirator Mask Goggles Set

You will need to add a cheap respirator to complete the look. I would not trust my lungs to this if I was actually cooking meth (I’m not, honest), but it’s cheap.  So cheap that it’s OK for painting the house, but seriously, don’t use it to cook meth. Complete the look with long rubber gloves. You can always use them in the kitchen afterwards.

Walter White Chemistry Teacher Costume

Just got in from a tough day at high school? Go as Walt after a day of teaching chemistry. Try to blend in and be invisible.

  • Green checked shirt. Make sure it’s a button-down.
  • Khakis.
  • A beige zip-up Members Only-style jacket.
  • Don’t forget the clear aviator glasses.

    Heisenberg Halloween Costume

    If you fancy something a bit more subtle than the haz-mat suit, think about going as Walter White in his Heisenberg guise. If you can find or borrow a black jacket. then you can assemble the rest of the outfit quite cheaply. You’ll need:

    • Clear aviator reading glasses.
    • A bald cap.
    • A mustache and goatee.
    • A black pork pie hat.
    Gravity Shades Non-Prescription Premium Aviator Clear Lens Glasses, Silver

    Gravity Shades Non-Prescription Premium Aviator Clear Lens Glasses, Silver

    These aviators look great if you want to be able to see rather than wearing dark sunglasses indoors. They’re clear glass. A pair of black sunglasses can also replace Walt’s aviators if you like Walt in the desert scenes.

    Jaxon Crushable Pork Pie

    Jaxon Crushable Pork Pie

    The hat is core to the look, it can even be used to save you having to shave your head to make the outfit work.

    It comes in different sizes so you can get one that fits and looks so good you may find it becomes part of your regular wardrobe. It’s certainly something you can repurpose after Halloween.

    Jesse Pinkman Halloween Outfit

    You can easily adapt the haz-mat meth cooking outfit into a Jesse look. If you want a more relaxed costume, throw together a twenty-something look (hoodie, track pants, beanie cap). Here’s what you’ll need to look like Jesse:

    • A dragon T-shirt for that slightly druggie look.
    • An oversized hoody is an essential for cool October evenings, with big pockets for your baggies of meth.
    • A beanie adds to the overall Pinkman feel. He’s worn lots of types, but black and red is a favorite.
    • A bag of light blue rock candy as fake meth samples for your friends. Do be careful. Explaining to the police or a real dealer would rather sour your Halloween fun.

    Candy That Looks Like “Meth Samples”

    Bag up your candy for a more authentic style. If you’re giving candy out on street corners, make sure it’s only to your friends. And don’t hand it out to kids. That’s just not a nice thing to do.

Breaking Bad Costumes for Women

Breaking Bad may not have the most sympathetic female characters, but Styler is easily recognizable.

  • Skyler White wears plunging wrap-around dresses and a push-up bra, has a big pregnant belly, and is incredibly annoying. Get a blond Skyler White wig and you’ll get to be really unpleasant to everyone and can claim you’re in character.

Breaking Bad Costumes for Lazy People

If donning a hazmat suit and respirator looks like too much work for you then perhaps dressing as one of Gus’ employees at Los Pollos Hermanos is the way to go. It’s also not a bad choice for women. Much as I love the show, it’s not big on strong female characters that I can identify with.

  • Pull on a Los Pollos Hermanos T-shirt. They come in a range of colors and in both men’s and women’s sizes.
Adult Los Pollos Hermanos T-Shirt

Adult Los Pollos Hermanos T-Shirt

Pull on the shirt and you’ve joined the crew. This could be the easiest Halloween costume ever. The shirt does come in other colors, so if you think you’d wear the shirt year-round choose a color you like. It’s kind of fun to see who recognizes the brand. It also comes in a more flattering cut for women.

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