Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas Halloween Costume

By | October 23, 2015

Fear and LoathingGet The Raoul Duke Look

Fans of Hunter S Thompson won’t need convincing that a Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas costume is a good look for Halloween.

Other people may easily swayed by the fact that a Raoul Duke Halloween costume is really easy to throw together, and just as comfortable to wear as regular clothes. Not something you can say about a Walter White meth cooking outfit.

The other big advantage of a Fear and Loathing Halloween costume is that it’s instantly recognisable from just three or four items. Even people who haven’t read the book or seen the film will recognise the Raoul Duke character.

You can behave appallingly too, and just claim that you are in character for the evening.

Build Your Raoul Duke Costume

raoul-duke-shirtStart with the shirt. Get the good one that is a real shirt for everyday use, rather than the costume shop ones that fit badly and then disintegrate after one wash. You will want to wear it again.

You can have fun wearing it on vacation without the other accessories, and see who comments.

Add the hat, a basic white bucket hat will do the job just fine. This one is well made and comes in a range of sizes, again, a well fitting hat sets the outfit off and looks infinitely cooler than a costume accessory one.  It’s worth clicking through just to see the very strange items that people buy alongside the hat.

Whilst I don’t recommend you smoke, I do recommend you walk around with a cigarette in a tar guard holder. Leave it dangling out of the corner of your mouth all evening for bonus coolness. There’s no need to actually light your cigarette.

Whilst you could buy a good pair of aviators which will last you a lifetime and still look cool after you’re dead, you’re not really going to want yellow ones forever.

This is the one area where I do recommend skimping and going with the costume grade piece of kit.

Pick up this cheapo pair for under $5.

Get Into Character

Watch the trailer for a few quick hints of how to behave at your party. You can be as obnoxious as you like, it’s not your fault, you’re just in character.

You may be tempted just to stay home and watch the film again instead of heading out to party though.

Dr Gonzo Halloween Costume

Dr GonzoIs Raoul Duke too mainstream for you? Why not dress as Dr Gonzo instead. Not as immediately identifiable, but just as cool.  Feel free to wear your undershirt for a few days before you need it for costume duty. Go ahead and spill stuff on it.

Add the unfortunately named “Disco Dirtbag” wig and moustache combo which will come up as a recommended item if you click on the shirt to give you the right kind of look without having to grow your own head and face hair.

Whilst a nice pair of Wayfarers would look perfect, you can pick up a cheapo pair online or at your local market for a buck or two rather than hundreds.

Get yourself a red Hawaiian shirt. Again, choose a well made one, it will fit better and you’ll feel more comfortable.  It can also be next year’s Magnum PI Halloween costume with a little tweaking of the accessories (think comedy mustache).

Next time Jimmy Buffett is in town, you’ll be ready for your ParrotHead activities.

Go crazy and watch a few clips, you’ll quickly learn phrases to use and mannerisms to copy.

You may also start to feel a little paranoid. Remember kids, don’t do drugs.

Clip – Fest

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