Friendly, Happy Halloween Yard Decorations

By | August 3, 2015

Lobster pumpkinLess Scary Halloween Decorations

For some people Halloween is all about the scary, for others, the gory, but for many people it’s about enjoying the autumnal colors, celebrating with seasonally themed decorations that cheer up the neighborhood rather than terrifying it.

Whether you have young children who find the horror element of Halloween too scary, you want to avoid the connections to the occult, or you just want to make your porch and yard look friendly and inviting at this time of year, then a less scary Halloween yard decoration plan is for you.

Here’s some ideas on how you can create a friendly Happy Halloween display without scaring anyone, not even your bank manager.


Thanksgiving Turkey PUMPKIN Poke In Head and Legs CUTE

 Depending on your weather, this can work all the way through to Thanksgiving, but if your pumpkin freezes it’s time to give up, as it will turn into a squishy mess the minute it defrosts.

Easy Alternatives To Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin poke-ins can be a fun way to cheer up a pumpkin. I’m really bad at carving pumpkins safely, so these give me a way to dress a pumpkin without hurting myself. The lobster in the picture above was purchased at the North Carolina Seafood Festivalfrom a family who were selling them as fast as they could make them, along with sharks and fish, which aren’t traditional Halloween themes, but fitted the day perfectly.

As people have admired my lobster I’ve pointed them in the direction of other “poke ins” which more recognizably seasonal styles. There’s some duff ones about, but these ones are well made and will last.

I’ve found that it’s worthwhile to dip the “pokes” in bleach before putting them in the pumpkin as this slows down the rate the pumpkin decays. Bleach the poke-ins again beofre packing away and they’ll be good for years to come.

Halloween Frog Witch Pumpkin Poke In Head and Legs

 If you’re comfortable with adding something of a witch theme to your yard, without going over the top, then this happy frog is cute and inviting.

Hal O'Een

Cheering Up Your Decorations

This happy fellow, who we call Hal O’Een, has the air of a friendly, comedy Irish-American pumpkin going about his business.  He was orginally intended to be a bit scarier. His hat was not designed to be a hat, it’s actually his base, which fits underneath him, with the raised portion allowing a candle to shine out from behind his features. He’s actually pretty spooky when you do that with him at night.

We prefer his cheery daytime style, it also stops him from getting flooded out when the rains come.

Light Up Your Yard

Pathway Lights with Orange Bulbs

Light up your pathway with these cheerful orange lights. They’re essentially outdoor Christmas lights with orange bulbs, so you can use them to light up your trees or porch as well.

Try these lights which you can use indoors or out to add an orangey fall glow to your yard.

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