Fun, Gory, Halloween Cake Ideas

By | August 3, 2015

Die KittyQuick, Easy Halloween Centerpiece Cake Ideas

Halloween cakes can be fun, and there’s plenty you can do to bake your own scary, gruesome or gory cakes. If you’re feeling lazy, or if you have to plan a Halloween party at short notice then you can perk up a store bought cake with a few horrific tricks or murderous tweaks.

Mutilated Barbie’s or murdered Hello Kitty cake ideas are surprisingly popular at teenage girls’ Halloween parties, and we’ve turned them into a new family Halloween tradition. Tweenage boys enjoyed brutalizing the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Superheroes, Disney Princesses and a whole host of friendly forest creatures in cake form have all suffered grave indignities to become fun Halloween cakes.

I’ll share ideas we’ve used, but I’m sure your kids or grandchildren will have fun deciding what kind of cake they’d like to attack for Halloween, or you can just enjoy yourself. I know after watching the same Teletubbies episode for what seemed like 500 times, it was fun to turn Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po and Tinky Winky into Frankenstein versions of their cake selves by interchanging their heads.

Smiley Faces Cake Candles (pack of 6)

 We used smiley face candles to finish off Kitty. They have something of a sinister Watchmen vibe, but they’re so friendly and perky they seemed to work well with Kitty.

Hello Kitty Must Die

Having grown out of Hello Kitty a few years ago, most traces of the world’s second most annoying cat had gone from the house, only pajamas remained, and they were only for use when no-one was staying over. A “reduced for quick sale” Hello Kitty cake was irresistible at Halloween.

Do look out for those reduced character cakes at Halloween, after all, it doesn’t matter if the printing is a bit off center, or the icing is smudged, after all you’re going to mess it up anyway, so you’ll save good money, and still have a horrible Halloween.

We picked up a cheap store-made cake, but you can of course make your own. You can even buy a Hello Kitty shaped cake pan (or a Barbie one). You could also use it for cheerier cake occasions, I do realize that not everyone likes to kill their cakes.

Skeleton Gothic Wedding Couple Figurine Decoration Collectible

 Why yes, people do choose to have Halloween themed weddings. Murdering cakes for fun doesn’t seem quite so deranged now, does it?

These centerpieces are actually quite cute and can work for a wedding or just for a Halloween themed party cake centerpiece.

Not So Hungry Now Are You Caterpillar?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar was a much beloved childhood book at our house. I think it’s a beloved book at everyone’s house, but the cake suffered the Halloween treatment all the same.

Attacked by gummy teeth and oozing strawberry syrup blood, it was an ignominious end for that peckish larvae. Gummy worms came to feast, before being feasted on themselves.

Whilst a terrible idea for a kids who still love The Very Hungry Caterpillar, it’s fun for teens and adults who won’t get upset.

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