Gien to Jargeau

By | March 11, 2008

Another bloaty breakfast, this time the apple sauce came with apricot or raspberry – I had both. We watched the rain fall and as it clearly had no intention of stopping we grimly rode out. We rolled through the rain for 30km before we reached Sully sur Loire with its fancy pants chateau in a moat. It was very fancy.

We were wet and cold so instead of admiring its wonderfulness we stopped at The Castle Tavern, an English bar. I had four cheese pasta which for reasons unknown I ordered in Italian, the waiter took my oder and responded in French, Lou ordered in English, whilst laughing at me.  I can only put my linguistic confusion down to tiredness. The waiter flipped out when Lou went out after her meal for a cigarette. He chased her into the street as I waved money at him trying to pay from the table.

We rang Maxine and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her answer machine, then bought postcards of the pretty chateau.

2 thoughts on “Gien to Jargeau

  1. muse

    I was sad to see your account of the way of saint martin end so abruptly. I am interested in a bike tour here in mid september and would love to hear more of your trip……. Best

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