Great T-Shirt Gifts For Breaking Bad Fans

By | April 29, 2015

Breaking Bad Gifts Los Pollos Hermanos Breaking Bad Inspired T-Shirt

Breaking Bad is still the top TV show at the moment on Netflix, with fans completely absorbed in the world of meth cooking, cross border drug running and money laundering. Breaking Bad does a great job of making really sympathetic characters do terrible things, but you still care about them, rather like in The Sopranos.

T-Shirts make great gifts for men because they always need them, and Breaking Bad T-Shirts make a perfect gift for the Breaking Bad fan in your life.

Whilst you can buy T-shirts with the official show logo on, they’re a bit dull and corporate. There’s plenty of fun to be had with T-shirts that look like they were produced for employees of the corporations featured in the show, or as promotional items from those fictitious businesses.

Los Pollos Hermanos

Do you work for the Pollos Hermanos chicken place – are you slinging meth with your crispy batter with the secret spice blend? This is the shirt for you.

With shirts like these only fellow Breaking Bad fans will know what the shirt is about, so your fan won’t have to contend with people telling him why they hate the show when they see the shirt you bought, because they simply won’t make the connection. It’s like being in a secret little fan club, but way cooler, and more manly of course.

This Los Pollos Hermanos T-Shirt is a great gift for any Breaking Bad fan. I bought one for my resident Breaking Bad geek this summer and he loves wearing it. He wouldn’t dream of wearing official Breaking Bad branded merchandise, but this T-shirt works as a secret signal to fellow fans of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

The Los Pollos Hermanos chicken restaurant chain features heavily in Breaking Bad, and fans of the show know it as a central character in its own right. People who have never watched Breaking Bad have no idea that it’s not a shirt advertising a cheap chicken joint (I am jealous of people who haven’t yet watched Breaking Bad, they have such a cinematic treat ahead of them).

Reactions to the shirt are fun, some people come straight up and ask where it’s from with great excitement. Others smile, nod and otherwise acknowledge the coolness of a Los Pollos Hermanos T-shirt. Many look mystified, they recognize the brand, but seeing it out of context they take a while to click and remember where they know the brand from.

Non-Breaking Bad aficionados just see a strange Spanish chicken logo.

The non-Breaking Bad fans in the family were baffled, my T-shirt wearer doesn’t eat much meat and when he does it isn’t chicken. He doesn’t like fast food, and wouldn’t dream of eating at a McDonald’s or Kentucky Fried Chichen by choice, but I’m sure he’d eat at Gus Fring’s fried chicken joint if he could.

Breaking Bad WomenThe Los Pollos Hermanos T-Shirt is good quality and washes well, retaining the look of a free promotional shirt. Over the best part of a year of regular wear it has softened and the logo degraded a little further so it looks more natural and less deliberately “distressed”.

It saw active duty as a Breaking Bad Halloween costume – claiming to be the uniform of a Los Pollos worker.

You can get the shirt in a women’s cut which is a bit more flattering.

This one is a little more obscure, and I can’t tell you whether the Japanese characters spell out anything in particular, but the bold yellow spray on bee design is immediately recognizable to fans from the drums of chemicals needed to cook meth in the basement of a laundry.

I love this shirt as it takes people a few seconds to make the link and remember where they’ve seen the logo before. A treat for real fans.

The Los Pollos Hermanos commercial. I think they may be selling the most addictive chicken in the world. I love that ABC went to the effort of creating a real brand for Los Pollos Hermanos, complete with hokey backstory, just like so many fast food joints.

A1A Car Wash

A1A Car Wash

Love Breaking Bad? Not so keen on chicken? Try one of the other branded shirts from the show. You can get an A1A Car Wash hoody, or a Better Call Saul T-shirt. Fans will love the Vamanos Pest shirts. Once you take a look at one, a whole world of fake branding fun for the aficionado opens up.

This one is really subtle, so only people who really know about where and how to launder your drug money will fully appreciate the A1A Car wash logo.
This sweatshirt comes in a full range of colors and sizes, so take your pick and see whether your Breaking Bad fan is a complete geek.

Thank you, and have an A1 day.

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