How To Make Blackberry Vodka – Recipe For A Gift

By | January 10, 2015

Blackberry Vodka LiqueurHome Made Blackberry Vodka Gift

Home made gifts can be great, whether you’re on a budget, or you just want to put in a little extra effort to make a unique gift for someone special. Blackberry vodka makes a great gift as it tastes wonderful and is appreciated by both foodies and drinkers alike.

Home made blackberry vodka is also really economical if you can harvest your blackberries for free in your garden, or in hedgerows and woods. If you have blackberries in your freezer awaiting a good home, then what better home than vodka. Buy cheap no-brand vodka to keep costs down.

Once ready there’s no need to drain off the liqueur from the fruit. Your gift recipient can drink the liqueur, and spoon out the infused blackberries to serve on ice cream as a delicious boozy treat.

If you are feeling generous then you can accompany your homemade blackberry liqueur gift with some store bought liqueur glasses as a lovely combination gift.

How To Make Blackberry Liqueur With Vodka

Making a blackberry liqueur with vodka is super easy, and can easily be scaled depending on how many blackberries you have, how much you want to make, how much vodka you have or how many jars are available. I’ll give you directions to make one jar, and you can run with it from there.

First sterilize your jar. Your dishwasher will do this, or you can just boil it for three minutes. Don’t panic about this stage, your vodka is pretty toxic to bugs, but it’s wise to be hygienic.

Take a good look at your blackberries. Pick out any under or overripe ones and watch out for wee beasties. Wash your blackberries by putting them in a jug with cold water for a few minutes. That will encourage any resistant creepy crawlies to come out of the fruit. Again, don’t panic too much, the vodka will kill any resistant ones that are hiding away off, but you can’t claim your home made blackberry liqueur is vegetarian if you don’t aim to clear out any squatters.

Fill your jar about half full with with blackberries.  Kilner jars are great, but Ball jars are more affordable and do the job just as well.

Vodka Fruit JarsPour about half the volume of white granulated sugar that you had of fruit on to the blackberries. Swirl the jar around a bit to get a good mix.

I sometimes use vanilla sugar that I’ve made earlier, but if I don’t have any, adding a couple of inches of a fresh split vanilla pod is heavenly, but not essential as it does add to the cost.

Now you’re ready to pour on your vodka. I choose no-brand, white label, generic vodka. The sort that it’s really embarrassing to buy as people assume you’re going to go home and drink it in the afternoon whilst watching reality TV.

You can use any vodka you like, but as the flavor here will come from the blackberries and a good whack of sugar, and possibly some vanilla, there’s no point in going top shelf at this juncture. Save your money and blow it on a lovely jar, beautiful top covers and pretty labels and tags.

Fill the jar to the top with vodka, then seal the jar. Give it a good shake to mix up the blackberries, vodka and sugar. It’s OK if all the sugar doesn’t dissolve as what this liqueur needs is time.


Put your jar in a cool dark place. I use the cellar, basements are fine, FROGs and garages could be a bit warm if you’re in the South.

Once a week for the next month go in and give your jar a 30 second gentle shake. This will help any lingering sugar to dissolve and will bruise the fruit just enough to let a bit of juice out and vodka in without making the blackberries go too mushy.

Then leave it to sit for another month. It will be ready then, but you can leave it another six months, which works well if your blackberry season is early, as you can make your liqueur in June and it will still be good at Christmas. I cooler climes you can make it in August through to October and still be ready for Holiday gifting.

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