How To Make The Ultimate Hot Toddy Recipe For A Cold

By | September 7, 2015

Best hot toddy recipeMake Your Own Hot Toddy Mix

I make the best hot toddy in the world, that’s not an idle boast.  I’ve tried different approaches and ingredients over the years and I have now perfected the ultimate hot toddy blend, both for drinkers and the tee-total.

This is great for my family, if they have colds I’m on hand with the elixir which, whilst I won’t claim can cure the common cold, can certainly make the experience more bearable. For me it’s less good. When I feel snotty and sneezy, the last thing I want to do is spend time in the kitchen carefully preparing the right balance of ingredients. I’ve now cracked that problem by mixing up a starter batch ahead of cold and flu season so it’s ready when I need it.

My toddy mix has honey, lemon and ginger so will perk you up, soothe your throat and give you a mini vitamin C boost, and you can have it with or without alcohol so it’s suitable for everyone.

I’ll share my recipe with you, on the condition that you don’t sell it on to big-pharma, this is just our little secret.

Hot Toddy Recipe Mix Ingredients – What You Need For A Hot Toddy Mix

Sliced Lemons

When you’re ready to mix you’ll want 7-Up, Sprite or similar lemon-lime soda pop, and probably some good whiskey (yes, I mean whiskey, but if you only have whisky that will have to do), but first you’ll want to make the standby mix. For that you’ll need:

  • 1 lemon
  • 1 thumb sized piece of ginger
  • 1 one pound glass jar
  • 8-12 oz runny honey

Be careful with your honey choice. I buy mine from the local Trappist monks, I’m pretty certain they’re selling the honey from their farm, rather than being a front for a dodgy importer. I can’t ask though, they’re a silent order. Local honey from a trusted source is the best option, but otherwise make sure what you’re buying is real honey, the US has a poor record of protecting consumers from fake honey.

Slice your lemon, put the ends in the compost and cut the slices in half.

Peel your ginger and cut it into matchsticks using a sharp knife.

Ginger Matchsticks
  • Boil your jar and lid for 10 minutes to sterilize it
  • Pour a little honey into the bottom of the sterilized jar
  • Add half the lemon slices and half the ginger matchsticks
  • Try to put them in so they are higgledy piggledy rather than neatly stacked
  • Pour in more honey so your jar is half full
  • Add the rest of the sliced lemon and ginger matchsticks
  • Pour honey up to two thirds full and give it all a stir with a teaspoon so the lemon and ginger is all honey coated
  • Top off with the honey
  • Seal the lid and store in the refrigerator

Mixing Your Hot Toddy – Preparing Your Toddy When You Have A Cold

You’re now ready for cold season. When you have a cold and your throat is sore or your nose blocked, runny or sneezy and your head is fuzzy, you’re just minutes away from the perfect pick me up toddy.

At night I like to have a whiskey based toddy. Yes, I said whiskey. You can use whisky or bourbon if you want, but don’t expect to feel as good as you would if you had triple distilled Irish Whiskey inside you.

Boil some water and let it cool for a minute, you want the water hot but not boiling, as you would for a proper cup of tea. Put a tablespoon of magic toddy mix in a whiskey glass with two to three tablespoons of whiskey and mix. I like to put one of the lemon slices in too.

Keeping a teaspoon in the glass slowly pour the hot water in, stirring all the time.

  • Drink.
  • Feel better.
  • Fall asleep.

During the day it’s best to go alcohol-free. I like to microwave a mug 2/3 full of English lemonade, 7-Up, Sprite or Sierra Mist depending on location and availability. When it’s hot I add a tablespoon of magic toddy mix and stir it in.

Stop Colds and Viruses

Winter Is Coming. Whilst that may mean great TV, it also means viruses and bugs are on their way, getting ready to waylay innocent victims.

I will not be a victim. Each year I make a plan to avoid falling prey to colds, yet my family members keep meeting people, touching stuff, teaching kids and bringing those germs home. I took action. With colds, flu and the hideously named and even more hideously experienced “winter vomiting virus” going on all around us, last winter I provided armor for the family. It worked.

Winterproof Your Home

I changed towels and sheets regularly, put antibacterial soap dispensers by every sink, and instructed everyone on how to wash their hands properly (it makes a real difference). The house was clean and well ventilated.

Winterproof Yourself

Winterproof Yourself

We ate healthy food, plenty of vitamins, lots of fresh fruit and veggies, a daily vitamin tablet, all designed to keep us fit from the inside, but it’s the attacks from outside that looked set to be our downfall.

Hands get germ-y outside the home. Whilst I was happy to carry hand sanitizer in my purse, it’s difficult to get everyone to do that, but with small bottles in jelly wraps, people can attach one to a key ring, briefcase or gym bag, you can clip one onto the dog’s leash. That way the hand sanitizer is there when you need it.

You can quickly clean you hands after using public transport or handling cash, after shaking hands with a lot of people (do wait ’til they can’t see you), after using equipment and before eating. that helps keep your family sickness-free.

Save Money

The little bottles can seem expensive, and an environmental disaster. Save money by buying one multipack for the family, and then refilling the bottles from a larger dispenser.

Right now Amazon has them on sale so click on the orange button snap yours up, before the next bug starts the rounds, particularly as Ebola panic means they’re selling out in stores.

I’m not kidding about the hand washing, it really makes a huge difference to your infection rate. Wash your hands like a doctor. Take two minutes to watch the tutorial, save two weeks of illness a year (I made that statistic up, but if it can save you a week of head or stomach flu, it’s got to be worth it).

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