How To Read The Camino By Bike Journal

By | June 23, 2011

Blogs are great, they let you record each day’s travels. What they’re not good at as being easy to read from start to finish as the start is at the bottom and the end at the top.

To make this a little easier I’ve added a ‘forward’ link at the end of each day’s riding so you can work upwards with ease.
To get started to to Starting the Camino de Santiago By Bike, from there you can read the day’s travels then move on to each new day. Enjoy.

5 thoughts on “How To Read The Camino By Bike Journal

  1. LBF

    This is the private story of 4 men on the Camino in 2011 – very nice – many pictures and some very good information for those who wish to bike the Camino. Just really shareing the journey.

  2. Fred

    How sad that you've had to delete comments … c'est domage.

    Your blog gives me hope for the ascent!


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