I Love Alarm Clocks That Wake You Up

By | May 13, 2015

Wake Up AlarmWaking up is a problem in my family, yes we’re partial to a nap, bet we each have different waking up challenges. I’ve found sonic and projection alarms work really well for our different needs.

This sonic alarm clock isn’t just for lazy people, although it does work for very lazy people, and it is really cool, I’ve bought two for more practical reasons. It’s a great bedside clock for people who are starting to find it difficult to see the time on a regular clock.

I have one at home and I’ve purchased one for an older relative who is starting to lose some vision, and after the success of her high contrast keyboard, is willing to try new products to make life easier. The ceiling projection is bright enough to read quite easily, but, being red, it’s not so bright as to keep me awake.

Don’t Wake Yourself Up

The numbers on the ceiling are much easier to read in the dark than those on the a clock so you don’t have to wake yourself up concentrating on reading the time, or switching a light on, just to find out that it’s two hours before you have to get up, or only ten minutes so you might as well start waking up already.

Do Wake Up

For the lazy, this alarm clock is perfect. It’s battery powered so you can put it at the far side of the room, you can still see the time on the ceiling projection, but when the alarm goes off you have to get up to cross the room to shut it off.

Set and Forget

This clock automatically keeps the right time, and will adjust itself overnight to daylight savings, so once you’ve set it up, it will keep the right time. Again, this makes it a great gift for someone who doesn’t enjoy fiddling with controls, you just set and forget, the atomic clock keeps perfect time and syncs with your little alarm every night.

Choose Wisely

The atomic clock situation is important. This clock works for the 48 states, and any other region in the Americas that share their time zones. Whilst this version has worked perfectly on the East Coast and Midwest, ff you’re shopping in Europe get the one set to the German clock.

Do get the newest version, the one I bough recently has a thermometer too, but my two year old one doesn’t, although it’s still going strong.

Your alarm clock will be accurate to 1 second in 3 million years. That’s pretty precise, here’s how it works.

Alarms For Teens

Teen Alarm ClockKid B had always been a heavy sleeper. A radio alarm, phone alarm or an old fashioned ringing one would not do the trick, everyday at home one of us would shout for her to get up, then do it again, then switch the lights on, or open the curtains. Waking up was not a core skill for her.

When she set off for college we were not going to be around to do those things, and it was a worry, would she be able to get herself up and moving for classes? A friend recommended this alarm which he’d bought for his lazy sons because it not only makes an annoying noise, it shakes the whole bed.

The Alarm Shakes You Awake

OK, so it doesn’t have a giant hand to shake your shoulder, but it does have an under-pillow device that vibrates, shaking your head, whilst the alarm beeps in a truly annoying fashion. All it’s missing is an attachment to squirt cold water at your face.

No Snooze For You

Whilst it does come fitted with a snooze button, it’s small and fiddly rather than large and easily pressed, that makes it less likely that the snooze feature will be used, which is a bonus when waking an idle kid. The alarm works well and reliably, and no classes have been missed so far because of sleeping in (one or two have been missed by showing up at the wrong building, but the alarm can’t help with that).

Great For New Parents Too

Having seen the alarm and felt it in action, we picked one up for my nephew who has a young family. You can switch off the beeper and just have the vibration, so it ensures in their case that Dad wakes up for work, but the alarm doesn’t wake the kids and his wife notices it, but can get back to sleep after having been up in the night. An extra half hour sleep when you’re operating on new mother sleep allowances is worth its weight in gold.

Macho Alarm Clock

It comes in a more macho version, which looks more like you need to get up because the zombies are coming. In this case you put the shaker under the mattress to shake the whole bed. This is the one my friend bought for his sons and it’s worked for them.

Add an extension cord and you can set the alarm across the other side of the room, that way your idle friend will have to get up and walk across the room to stop the beeping.

Alarm For People With Hearing Loss

I hadn’t thought about it, but my nephew is going to get one for his grandfather. His hearing isn’t great so he has his alarm set to a level that scares the neighbours, the vibrating alarm will wake him, but not the people three doors down.

Boom Boom, Shake The Room

A Nap App

This alarm is great for naps, you set it for a specific length of nap and it wakes you when the time runs out. You need both hands to switch it off so you have to be conscious to shut it up.

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