I Love My Ceramic Knife

By | November 20, 2014

Ceramic Kitchen KnifeI held off buying a ceramic kitchen knife for quite a while, but after trying the Victorinox 6″ ceramic knife I’m a convert. Despite looking like it has a white plastic blade that wouldn’t cut a lettuce this knife is sharp. Super-duper sharp. Let me just count my fingers because I’m not sure I’d feel it if one came off whilst slicing carrots sharp. They do a shorter one at a lower price, that’s listed below.

The sharpness of this ceramic knife means you can slice paper thin. To get my carbon steel knives this sharp I’d need to spend time sharpening them before each meal, but the ceramic knife stays sharper longer.

I’ve been having fun slicing onions so thin they almost disappear and melt when cooked. Red onions in particular look divine on salads when sliced super thin, and ribbons of carrots and zucchini can be cut so thin the really do curl like the ribboned salads I’ve seen on Pinterest and failed to make work up until now.  Tabbouleh and fruit salsa are a dream to make as all that chopping is done with glee.

This Victorinox ceramic knife is also very light. When prepping lots of veggies, during pickling and bottling season, or when you have a crowd to feed, the lightness is a real boon. Your hand doesn’t get tired, and your arm doesn’t ache.

Cleaning the knife is a breeze. Here’s “the science bit”, because ceramic knives are hard and solid, they have no gaps or indents for water or onion stink to hide, a quick rinse under the faucet and they’re good for the next slicing job. You are advised not to put the knife in the dishwasher. Mine has been in accidentally, with no ill effects, but I rinse, wipe and store in just the same time as I would load it in the dishwasher.

The hardness of any ceramic knife does come with one drawback. It doesn’t bend and so can snap or chip if dropped. The bold white color helps with this as people do realize it’s not a regular knife and treat it differently.

I liked this Victorinox Ceramic Chef knife so much I bought one for my brother-in-law who loves to cook and likes a manly kitchen gadget. Because Victorinox is the brand behind Swiss Army Knives it makes a great gift for men.

Being a high contrast black and white knife has another unexpected advantage. It makes a good functional kitchen knife for people with reduced vision who are looking for higher contrast kitchen items to make cooking more enjoyable and safer.

Ceramic Knife CoverIf you have been using a magnetic strip for your steel knives, then you’ll need to look at a new storage method. I use a knife block, but that uses up counter top space and will look silly with just one knife. Get a little cover to store safely in a drawer.Don’t leave it uncovered, it’s very sharp and could cut you as you rifle through a drawer, and it could get chipped by other things thrown in on top.


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