I Love My Leuchtturm Notebook

By | November 14, 2014

LI love my Leuchtturm notebook. It’s a thing of beauty. I didn’t buy it though. I’d looked at Leuchtturm notebooks in the past and dismissed them as being a bit too pricey, but when I received one as a gift, I loved it, it’s true “you get what you pay for”.

I scribble lot of notes when I’m out and about. I jot down ideas for all sorts of projects as well as reminders to myself, so I always have a notebook on the go. Whether it’s in my purse, my briefcase, my pocket, or a pannier on my bike I’m never more than three feet away from a notebook.

The Leuchtturm notebook is tough. It can take the battering that comes with being carried around everyday. It’s not completely perfect, it does show signs of wear around the corners, but where lesser notebooks have disintegrated after a little coffee spill and a few rough journeys, the Leuchtturm simply looks more distinguished. My Leuchtturm is tougher than a Moleskine.

The Leuchtturm has numbered pages and an index. Genius! I’ve used a lot of time and ink numbering pages in other notebooks and drawing up my own table of contents to keep track of my random notes. The Leuchtturm has the numbers and an index included. Why doesn’t every notebook number the pages?

Have you ever wondered what your books get up to when you’re not home? This delightful little film gives you an idea of what they could be doing whilst you go to work.

I love the dots on the Leuchtturm’s pages. I’d previously been a fan of squares because I do like to make little drawings, plans and maps in my notebook as well as writing, and squares do help with that, but dots are way better. They’re lighter so whilst they’re still easy to see, they’re less intrusive, and if I’m having a bad day I can just make dot-to-dot pictures to amuse myself.  I love the dots, but if you’re a plain kind of person, chose the plain book.

The paper quality is lovely, it’s a delight to write on. The Leuchtturm elastic is strong and holds the notebook closed so the pages don’t get all mashed up when travelling. The little bookmark ribbon doesn’t fray the way cheaper ones do. Oh and it comes with a neat sticker so if you’re like me and nerdily store all your old notebooks you can easily label them.

The Leuchtturm pocket notebook is the perfect gift for any writer, sketcher, or forgetful person. I may even treat myself this year if one doesn’t arrive in my stocking. Click the photo above to choose yours.

You can get the larger notebook for people who have bigger thoughts, ideas and projects! I have little thoughts. The large size is perfect for work, college or home based writing tasks.


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