I Love My Yankee Candle For Christmas Scents

By | December 17, 2014

Christmas Eve Yankee CandleThere’s so much to do to make Christmas a fun, exciting, memorable and relaxing time for everyone else, I can sometimes feel a bit frazzled in the Holiday build up. It’s easy to lose sight of what I’m putting all of my effort into, and to start thinking that Christmas is a task to be ticked off my to-do list.

Just before Christmas each year I order myself a little treat, a festive Yankee Candle, and when I’m writing my lists of tasks, writing Christmas cards, wrapping gifts, decorating the house, planning menus, or just clearing the pile of laundry that magically returns from colleges, I light up my candle and let the scent fill the house. Other people get Advent Calendars. I get a candle.

The smell of Christmas puts me in a kinder, gentler, more relaxed frame of mind, and I don’t feel like the holidays are getting the better of me, I actually start to think about how nice it will be when people open their gifts, or gather for parties. I tend to write longer notes to people in their Christmas cards, imagining them opening them up, and thinking of how they’re doing. Scent has a powerful effect on memory and mindset.

By far my favorite Yankee Candle for Christmas is “Christmas Eve. It has a great scent. The Yankee Candle Christmas Eve smells of cinnamon and cookies, and of plum pudding. I choose the large candle as that lasts 100 hours, and represents great value. I have had other Christmas Yankee Candles, but find that Christmas Eve holds its scent longer than Home For The Holidays and fills the room more effectively than Apple Wreath.

Yankee Candle Advent Calendar

I love the Yankee Candle Advent calendar, it adds to that extra special treat feel of scented candles through the holidays. With each tea light candle burning for 4-6 hours I admit I don’t burn them all on the right day, so I have a few to save for the 12 days of Christmas.

This year’s UK version is a cool little gingerbread house, but the US has a wreath theme. Each day has a tea light with a different festive scent, except Christmas Eve where you get a larger candle – my favorite one!

Once the holidays are over and we’re into January, get started early on having a nice, clean feel, ready for spring, with Clean Cotton which just makes the house smell fresh.


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