Marcigny – St Agnan

By | March 12, 2007

We woke and got ready before walking into the square to the “Petit Casino” where we bought tomatoes and apricots for breakfast, apples, nectarines, chipsticks and M&M’s for the road. I dropped one of my tomatoes but I didn’t cry, although I really felt like I wanted to.

We settled up with the Hotel Globe – they filled our bidons with nice cold water (not toilet tap) and headed to Bernard Gay Cycles where I bought some gloves. ‘Bernard’ laughed at the state of my blistered hands as he tried various pairs on until we settled on a size 8.  I’m a size 8 – go me!

We pumped up the tyres and headed out through pleasant cattle country. The cows here are all white, well, beige with little horns and pesky haircuts. We cycled past Baugy, clean forgetting to stop and look at the carvings of animal musicians at the ancient church. Boo!

Lots of long flat miles past cows who didn’t have monkey jockeys, which was a shame. We cycled alongside the canal for ages, stopping for Fruisli’s, M&M’s and bouts of intestinal gas. Classy.

We stopped at a canalside creperie for coffee. It said it was open, but wasn’t. The entire family came out including a small boy in underpants and two dogs. We had some unpleasant coffee and rode on reaching Digoin alive – a feat that our guidebook would lead a reader to believe was close to impossible. We sat by the river for a drink and decided to press on, not staying in town for lunch.

There were hills on the way out but nothing as bad as we’d already managed so we were OK up to St Agnan where we stopped at the Commercial Hotel opposite a dilapidated railway station. The waitress shoo’d us into a dining room full of working men eating lunch. She offered us a choice of melon or pate. We both chose melon which was a fabulous ¼ canteoupe. Next up was veal with veg. I managed to get an omelette instead. Not got for my digestive difficulties. We had some cheese, paid up and slapped on more sunscreen. My stomach was sore, I was hungry but full – a horrible sensation.

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