Moroccan Salmon

By | February 16, 2012

Moroccan Salmon may be over selling this just a little bit. It’s a hacked about chicken recipe, but with salmon, not chicken. The original recipe came from Bon Apetit magazine, but I found it here.  Full disclosure – I’ve never been to Morocco and I have no idea whether salmon is available there, I’m sure cheaper local fish is available should you find yourself in a Moroccan fish market, so try that instead!

I made quite a few changes, for a start I used salmon instead of chicken, that’s quite a change to a chicken recipe . Just two pieces of salmon as it was for two of us, but I still used a can of chick peas (garbanzo beans), a punnet of cherry tomatoes, and all the spices. I used a red chili rather than chili powder as I have plenty left from last year’s surprisingly successful garden chili harvest, I also think it gives a much better flavour.
I accidentally ground in all the coriander (cilantro) as I forgot to reserve half. That worked pretty well I think and I’d do it again to save last minute faffing about. I had enough faffing as I was making fresh flatbreads to go with it. I had the recipe from Diana Henry‘s Crazy Water and Pickled Lemons, which is, frankly, a delight. They went perfectly with the dish.  I know you can pick up flatbreads super cheap at the supermarket, but fresh cooked ones just taste so much better than commercial ones.
Rather than reduce the cooking time for the salmon, I put them close together and piled the chick peas and tomatoes on top of them so the veggies took the brunt of the heat and cooked well, leaving the salmon to almost steam cook underneath.
I’d make this again.

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