Obscure Breaking Bad Character Halloween Costume Ideas

By | October 20, 2015

Breaking Bad Character CostumesBreaking Bad Support Character Costumes

I love Breaking Bad, and I’ll happily throw a Breaking Bad themed costume party. Whilst Walter White Costumes may be all the rage, even for Bryan Cranston, not everyone can wear a Walter White outfit or a Walter as Heisenberg costume.

Breaking Bad has some great support characters who are easily recognizable with a minimal amount of work and expense when putting a Halloween costume together. Tio Salamanca is a brilliant Halloween costume idea for a wheelchair user. Hank Schrader is an easy Halloween outfit to pull off for a well built chap. A Jesse Pinkman Halloween costume takes almost no effort.

There are not a great set of female characters in Breaking Bad, but if you want to have an excuse for being unpleasant and annoying all evening, then you can be Skyler White without great expense.

Skyler White Halloween Costume

So Skyler isn’t the most sympathetic Breaking Bad character, but she’s pretty easy to do, and you get to be obnoxious all evening and claim you’re in character.

Skyler White is a pretty good choice if you’re pregnant as she was fairly high profile in the show when pregnant. If you’re not, but want the look, you can buy a fake pregnancy bump, but they’re either hugely expensive or totally useless. An old cushion and some elastic will do the job more cost effectively. Wrap Deep V neck Cap Sleeves Front Slit Dress (M, Blue)

Don a blonde bob wig, wear a low cut wrap around dress, get a push up bra that hoiks your cleavage all the way up to Canada and – hey presto, instant Skyler White costume. Don’t forget to be annoying.

 Skyler is almost always in blue and usually wears wrap style dresses. You may have one already or be able to borrow one from a friend.  This is an affordable style that you can wear beyond Halloween.

If you need blonde hair for the night, then pick up a blonde, long straight wig. Pack it away carefully and you can use it for other costumes in the future.  If you have your own and it’s the right kind of length them just style it like Skyler and you’ve saved yourself an accessory.

Note for men – if you’re choosing this costume, you may need to pad that bra a little.

HollyIf you’ve passed the pregnancy episodes and want to be a more up to date Skyler, you’ll need to bring Holly along. Do keep an eye on her though, you never can be too careful with a baby, even with people you love and trust around the place.

Do give some bonus thought to who is trustworthy.


Hank Schrader Breaking Bad Costume

So Hank is a larger guy, and he’s bald, so if you want to shave your head, or don a bald cap head over to the Heisenberg Halloween Costume and pick up your head supplies there. You could just wear suit, spray on some sweat and claim you’ve come straight from work, but I think that’s cheating.

UTG Law Enforcement SWAT Vest
If you’re willing to spend the whole party sitting on the toilet looking confused, then pick up a short sleeved, open necked, casual yellow shirt and you’re sorted.

For a more macho approach, strap on this SWAT team vest and your outfit is complete.  You can use it as an over engineered tool-belt or fishing vest after Halloween.

You’ll need something to read on the toilet, so pick up a copy of Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman. You might even want to check for an inscription to the other WW.  Don’t forget to bring along your your rocks and minerals guide (they’re not rocks!).

If you’ve just been shot and you’re lying in bed all day reading about minerals, then you’ll need a grabber to help you inspect your specimens.  Post-shooting, recovery Hank is a great costume choice for people with mobility difficulties, or if you have had an accident. It’s always fun to incorporate difficulties into a costume rather than pretend they don’t exist.

Marie Schrader Halloween Costume

Marie may not be the most developed of female Breaking Bad characters, but as Breaking Bad doesn’t have many women to dress up as, she could be perfect for your Halloween outfit. The upside of an underdeveloped character is that you can fill in the gaps.

Get your purple on, fix your hair, start looking worried and confused, and you’re Marie Schrader for the night.  Think purple! If your wardrobe is sadly lacking in purple then the Skyler dress above also comes in purple, comes in on budget and you can get some wear out of it after Halloween.

I’m thinking purple on purple, so wear your purple cardigan over your purple dress. You don’t want to get Hank over excited.  Add some purple jewellery to complete the look.

You’ll want a shoulder length brunette wig with a center parting and a bit of a wave to it. If you already have your own hair you can do this with then hurrah, you’ve saved a purchase.  Pack your wigs away carefully after Halloween and you can repurpose them for other costumes in the future.

Tio Salamanca Halloween Outfit Ideas

Tio Salamancar Bell Ting TingBreaking Bad does offer good Halloween costume ideas for disabled people. Whilst Tio Salamanca may not be the most sympathetic wheelchair user in fiction, he’s still a great character and it’s easy to get the costume.

The bell makes the costume. For full authenticity go with the brass bell, it looks the part and sounds perfect. Pick up some cheap tubing for your oxygen.  It’s not easy to find the sort of shirt a semi-retired evil drug lord would wear in a New Mexico care home. Think short sleeved, open necked, olive green.

A Fedora sets the outfit off perfectly. if you’re going to buy one, you might as well get one that will last more than one wear. You can add it to either your vacation wardrobe or your dressing up box (everyone has one of those right?).

Costumes For Lazy People

If all of those options seem too much like hard work, then Breaking Bad offers some excellent Halloween costume ideas for the slacker. Go work for Gus at Los Pollos Hermanos, or you can be a car wash or exterminator employee, just by pulling on a T-shirt and calling it a Breaking Bad fancy dress outfit.

Print yourself some flyers advertising deals at Los Pollos Hermanos and come as the chicken advertising Gus’ wares. You can be reasonably certain no-one else will be an actual chicken brother at your Halloween party.

You can always re-purpose the chicken outfit for future parties, where you can be any kind of chicken you want.  Alternatively, you could offer your services to your local chicken place if your current career choices don’t work out. I do not recommend selling meth in this outfit, but do feel free to give away blue rock candy samples

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