Breaking Bad Party Ideas

Plan a Breaking Bad Party Whether you’re planning a Breaking Bad Halloween party, or looking for ideas for a Breaking Bad viewing party, then there’s plenty that you can do to set the scene for fun. Once you’ve dressed the part withBreaking Bad Halloween costumes, or chosen more obscure Breaking Bad character costumes, you’ll want… Read More »

How To Make A Mad Hatter Alice In Wonderland Halloween Costume

Mad Hatter Alice In Wonderland Movie Halloween Outfit Alice In Wonderland is a popular choice for fancy dress costume parties all year round, as well as for Halloween. Whilst women and girls can choose to be Alice or the Queen, men have the Mad Hatter, or Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. The Mad Hatter seems… Read More »

Easy Breaking Bad Halloween Costume Ideas

Breaking Bad is a great show, and it offers some fun and clever costume options. The elements can be easy to pull together without a lot of hunting through stores. If you want an outfit to dress up as Walter White or his Heisenberg alter-ego, for example, there are affordable ways to create an unmistakable… Read More »

Richard III King Under A Leicester Car Park

Richard III, Archaeological Discovery and DNA Testing On 22 March 2015 King Richard III’s body arrived at Leicester Cathedral, and was re interred in a tomb. In the summer of 2012 archaeologists at the University of Leicester embarked on a search for King Richard III’s remains. It seemed unlikely that they would find the long lost… Read More »

The Best Lego Gifts For Adults

Lego Is Creative Fun For Everyone, Not Just Kids Have you ever noticed that when a kid gets a new Lego set, some adult family members just can’t wait to help them with it. On Christmas morning, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and big brothers and sisters will be busily assisting children with their Lego Christmas… Read More »

How To Pickle Onions Ready For Christmas

How To Pickle Onions Pickled onions are delicious, and make a great, affordable foodie Christmas gift. They do take a couple of days to prepare but the actual hands-on time is really short. The difference between home made pickled onions and store bought is huge. For some reason you only get the real kick, bite… Read More »

Who Will Replace Daniel Craig To Play The Next James Bond?

James Bond, British Icon Daniel Craig looks to have signed for the new James Bond movie coming out in Fall 2015, and there’s rumors that he’ll make one more 007 film after that, yet the bookies are already contemplating who will play James Bond beyond then. Unlike with who is going to play The Doctor,… Read More »

How To Make The Ultimate Hot Toddy Recipe For A Cold

Make Your Own Hot Toddy Mix I make the best hot toddy in the world, that’s not an idle boast.  I’ve tried different approaches and ingredients over the years and I have now perfected the ultimate hot toddy blend, both for drinkers and the tee-total. This is great for my family, if they have colds… Read More »

My Suspect Glaucoma Diagnosis

Being A Glaucoma Suspect I have unusual eyes. I’d like to tell you it’s because they’re so beautiful, or because you can see my soul in my eyes, but I have special eyes because I have an unusual glaucoma diagnosis. I am losing my sight very slowly to something that looks, swims and quacks like… Read More »

Exploring London Through Blue Plaques

What Are All The Blue Plaques? You can’t stroll very far in Central London without spotting a Blue Plaque on the wall. It’s easy to walk on by, but next time you’re in town take the time as you walk around to have a look up at the Blue Plaques and you’ll learn plenty of… Read More »