Put A Little Reggae In Your Bowl

By | August 20, 2014

SweetLevi Roots’ Caribbean dessert cookbook, Sweet, is a delight, with plenty of recipes that are easy to follow and with ingredients available everywhere. You don’t have to have Caribbean roots to make great island desserts.

If I lived in the Caribbean my sweet tooth would be more than happily catered for by fresh fruits, as they come or in a fruit salad, or grilled in a rum and chili glaze … mmm rum and chili glaze. I therefore thought I wouldn’t find much to get excited about in a book of Caribbean style sweet recipes, but I was wrong.

Four Seasons of Desserts

I don’t live on a Caribbean Island, I live in rainy England, where the winter is cold and the nights are long. There’s recipes for barbecued fruit for the short but glorious English summer, and there’s plenty more for the rest of the year, with cakes, bakes and puddings galore, where the stodge-o-meter is turned all the way up to 11, but the zing of lime or ginger give it an exotic flavour.

A Commonwealth of Flavor

There’s a Jamaican take on classic European dishes like Eton Mess, Tiramisu and Cranachan, which is kind of fun, though not something even I can pass off as authentic.

Sweet is well photographed and funkily laid out. I am an old fart when it comes to the recipes themselves, I prefer an easy to read black font on a white background, but these are still very readable, and each step is sensibly described. I dip into it when I need warming up.

Sweet would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys trying out new recipes and exploring the cuisines of the world.