By | January 20, 2008

We headed to the tourist office but spotted a sign to the St Martin Hotel and decided to stay there. We locked up the bikes in a courtyard and went to our grotty room. We couldn’t be bothered to get properly changed, just put on fleeces and went for a stroll.

Sancerre was small and we visited the church which was lovely – very simple. When we came out we walked past Maison des Sancerre – like Cadbury World only for Sancerre. We went in and I tried to get the attention of the attendant who told us we couldn’t go in. I waved my E10 but nothing doing. They closed in half an hour so we wouldn’t have time to enjoy a visit, and no, we couldn’t rush a visit, that was not a decision a visitor was allowed to make. We were banished. I really wanted to cry, but didn’t.

We walked back to L’Esplanade where I planned to add the rejected E10 tour money to the wine budget for dinner. We went in and I asked the spotty youth for a table for two. He conferred with the owner who after looking us up and down agreed we could sit inside. Cheeky blighter!

I decided to have Sancerre a pichet and save my money for a more welcoming hostelry. I did have fabulous shellfish and rice and I wanted local goat cheese for dessert, but ordered “Fromage Cheveaux” – ‘Hairy Cheese’ by mistake. It was quickly sorted out after some hilarity and we headed back to sleep.

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