The Best Lego Gifts For Adults

By | October 8, 2015

Lego Store Copenhagen DenmarkLego Is Creative Fun For Everyone, Not Just Kids

Have you ever noticed that when a kid gets a new Lego set, some adult family members just can’t wait to help them with it. On Christmas morning, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and big brothers and sisters will be busily assisting children with their Lego Christmas gifts, even when those kids have gone away to do something else.

I’m an adult Lego lover, and I’m not alone. Lego has woken up to the idea that its building kits have an audience into High School and beyond, and there’s now plenty of Lego that’s challenging for older people.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone with an interest is in architecture, engineering or robotics, there’s a Lego set with their name on it. Lego makes a great alternative to jigsaws, and can even be a double gift as we’ve found with larger house building sets which live again as doll houses for younger family members.

I took the picture of the Lego Santa in the Lego store in Copenhagen, Denmark, the mothership of Lego gifts as Lego was invented and is made in Denmark. Sadly I was travelling with only hand luggage so had to limit my shopping, if not my excitement.

Lego Architecture Makes A Great Gift For Grown Ups

Lego’s Architecture Range is great fun for older children and for adults. The range is wide, from the affordable to the absurd, and whilst I’d be thrilled if someone bought me the $2,000 Eiffel Tower replica kit in all its blueprint accuracy fabulousness, I was delighted by a $30 Brandenburg Gate Lego kit which was fun to build, didn’t take long and had plenty of pieces which were re-usable in other projects for budding Lego enthusiasts.

Build The White House

The Lego White House kit is a great gift for the patriot in your life. It’s affordable, at around $50 retail, but click through on the picture for a 25% discounted price.

The White House isn’t huge, it’s less than a foot wide so it’s a manageable project. It makes the perfect setting for playing Lego games with minifigs (although there is a scale issue – let’s call the minifigs giants of American politics).

Feel free to set your own disaster movie in your White House. You can always rebuild it.

Build The UN

Continue your theme with a Lego UN.  It’s a little more expensive than The White House (that’s a shopping comment, not a political one, honest), but it’s bigger and gives you a place to house your international mega villains or super heroes.

LEGO Architecture United Nations Headquarters

Build Big Ben

The whole Houses of Parliament at Westminster would be really expensive, but Big Ben gives you a London set that’s quick and easy to build, and affordable.

If you want to build a Doctor Who set from your Lego, or house the sort of villains who are so evil they must be English, then this is a good project for you.

There’s an Empire State Building at the entry level of the range, but it’s a bit dull.

LEGO Architecture Fallingwater (21005)

Frank Lloyd Wright Lego

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water really is a delight, both as a piece of architecture and a Lego kit for adults.  It does require a level of concentration and precision, making it ideal to keep someone engaged and interested, and when complete makes a great conversation piece.

Sadly, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m never going to live in a house like Falling Water, but I can live with one in my house.

My Christmas Wish

I’d love this Tower Bridge for Christmas. I promise I’d be good and keep all the pieces neatly stored. I’d play quietly for hours, you wouldn’t hear a peep out of me til New Year.

It even comes with a London red double decker bus and a black London taxi cab. The scaling of those isn’t ideal, but who cares, it’s London Bridge, and being a toy version, there’s no traffic jame on it.

Be A Real Lego Architect

The Lego Architecture Studio is a thing of beauty and perfect for budding architects, even if they have retired from their previous career.

The pieces are minimalist white and “glass” allowing you to focus on constructing the beautiful lines of your building without worrying about decoration and color schemes.

An ideal gift for the Mies van der Rohe in your life.

Lego Train Sets For Adults

People love train sets. I hold this truth to be self evident. There’s not a person alive who isn’t happy to sit on the floor and play with a train set (OK, so there probably is, but I don’t want to meet them).

Grandfathers in particular can be kept quiet for hours if you buy their grandchildren a train set, why not cut out the middle-child and buy Granddad a set of his own that he can share with the kids when they visit.

Lone Ranger Lego

This set is absolutely perfect for the over 50’s raised with dreams of becoming either a cowboy, a sheriff or a train driver.

With this set they can alternate between being all three!

Whilst children do quite enjoy this Lego set, I’m convinced it really is aimed at senior citizens who will allow their younger family members to join in the fun only if they follow the rules.

Christmas Lego Train

This Lego train makes up part of the Christmas display of my nephews’ Grandfather.

He has it set up to run around the Christmas tree much to the delight of the toddlers.

As they grow bigger, I’m sure they’re going to have to wrestle the controls from him, but right now he insists he wouldn’t bother with it himself, it’s just for the kids.

Lego Remote Control Sets

Who doesn’t want to build a remote control vehicle? I bought my Dad a remote control Lego car. Having spent his life designing real cars for a living, he did have some concerns about the safety features, but had a good time building it.  His wife’s eyeballs got a good work out, being regularly rolled as he discussed the finer design points in full engineering detail. He had far too much fun once it was built, slowly following the cat around the house with it.

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