The Best Sonic Screwdriver Flashlight

By | December 22, 2014

Sonic ScrewdriverI bought this Sonic Screwdriver Flashlight and Pen as a fun gift for a person who has been a Doctor Who fan for the full 50 years, and as a kid he’d watch the show with me. He still does when we get the chance. Back in the Tom Baker days he happily wore his Doctor Who scarf to work, so I knew he’d love his own sonic screwdriver.

As a retired engineer he’s often bemoaned the dull human designed technology he’s been working with. He now has a sonic screwdriver to solve his household engineering problems.

It’s the 10th Doctor’s version (David Tennant), but I haven’t seen a better one yet. It works brilliantly as a flashlight, and it has a special secret pen that has disappearing ink that can only be seen under the screwdriver’s UV glare – you can create your own psychic paper! You have no idea how exciting this is when you’re 73. It has a couple of sound effects, which are fun (particularly if you remember to switch your hearing aid on).

You will need a normal human-style screwdriver to put the battery in which is annoyingly low tech, but it’s easy to do. The pen isn’t the best feature, as it’s just a small ink barrel, so do keep it for only the most secret of messages, otherwise your psychic-paper may prove useless.

I don’t know if I used it wrongly, but when I tried it out I was unable to open every car door in the parking lot, or the door to the jewellers, but my Dad has reported no such problems.

This flashlight Sonic Screwdriver is a great gift for fans of the Doctor, at any age, whilst we wait to see how Peter Capaldi will be as Twelve.

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver - Programmable Universal Remote Control - Collectible Prop Replica With Display Case

 Why don’t I have this in my life? A sonic screwdriver to operate my TV – the ultimate Whovian‘s fantasy object. Buy one for me, or you, if you must.

Perhaps the best kept secret in TV history – this mini-episode released a few days before the 50th Anniversary episode reveals key plot points. Watch it now to get caught up so you’re fully up to speed with John Hurt‘s Doctor.

The cutest little notebook journal with sonic screwdriver pen for little time travelers to keep notes of their adventures. OK, so you don’t have to be little, or even young, to crave one of these. Add it to a Christmas stocking for love across time.

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