Vienna to Hainburg by Bike

By | April 27, 2017

I woke up at normal time, glad I didn’t have to get up, but quickly bored so I had a shower and wrote some postcards before heading down to breakfast.  People were drinking Sekt from the buffet with their egg, sausage, fruit, cheese, cereal, cake, yogurt and croissants.  It was the most ridiculously overblown breakfast buffet I have ever seen.  It was tiring to walk all the way around, but nevern mind, you could pick up coffee and juice to keep you going.  I passed on the sekt, I didn’t want to get drunk before I’d even left the hotel.

We strolled into town and the St Stephens Cathedral or StefanDom as it’s known locally.  It looked marvellous, with colourful tiling on the roof, like a cuckoo clock. It didn’t feel nice inside with people pushing and shouting, so we opted to head up the bell tower.  There was a huge bell, which is obvius really when you think about it, and some spectacular views.

By the time we came back down it was time for the next tour of the catacombs.  This was a tough choice.  We could either see the catacombs now or head to the clock in the Hoher Markt and see it do it’s thing at noon.

The crypt won (obviously).  We started in the old part which looked new as it had been recently restored.  It had tombs of archbishops and cardinals, which was fine, and big copper jars which stored the pickled organs of embalmed Hapsburgs, along with their tombs.  That was less fine, and frankly a little weird, but I’ve since learned that those organs stored in oil have been used to study diseases in a historic context, which is interesting, but still weird.

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