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The Lives Of Pilgrims

The Unlikely Pilgrimage Of Harold Fry is a surprising and delightful book. It is at times, a funny, sad, poignant, depressing, shocking and uplifting read. It was chosen by my book group as it was a Man Booker Prize Nominee in 2012 and I first feared it might be a bit too twee for my… Read More »

Family Film Night At Christmas

Family Film Night At Christmas Every Christmas we set aside a day to gather together as a family, lounge about in our pajamas and enjoy Christmas films together. We might engage in some Christmas card writing or gift wrapping, but mostly, we’re all broccoli on the sofa, with the fire roaring, enjoying being together. When… Read More »

Broadchurch or Gracepoint

David Tennant (Dr Who, Hamlet ) leads the cast in ITV’s gripping Broadchurch.  The first season was an eight part serial about the suspicious death of schoolboy Danny Latimer.   A sleepy seaside resort town wakes up to discover the body of a young boy on the beach, below the imposing cliffs of the Jurassic Coast. We… Read More »

Would You Prevent The Kennedy Assassination?

The murder of President Kennedy remains a terrible moment in American and World history. It still resonates now, fifty years on. I’ve read plenty on the subject and much that is published as fact is pure fiction. Stephen King takes a bold approach with a fictional account of what could have happened in Dealey Plaza,… Read More »

The Perfect World War One Novel

I was given a copy of All Quiet On The Western Front when I was seventeen, and had a long summer ahead of me before my last year at school. I was given a few classic novels, along with the suggestion that it would be good to have read some great literature before going to… Read More »