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Hannibal: Rome v Carthage a Battle Board Game

The long awaited reprint of Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage may look like a historical war game covering the Second Punic War, but plays as a fascinating battle for territory and resources. As such it works well as a market share game. Whilst getting Hannibal and his team of elephants over the Alps may seem like… Read More »

Vienna to Hainburg by Bike

I woke up at normal time, glad I didn’t have to get up, but quickly bored so I had a shower and wrote some postcards before heading down to breakfast.  People were drinking Sekt from the buffet with their egg, sausage, fruit, cheese, cereal, cake, yogurt and croissants.  It was the most ridiculously overblown breakfast… Read More »

Sport’s Biggest Club Competition

The European Champions League The Champions League is the biggest competition in club sport. The Final was watched by 360,000,000 people last year, more than three times as many as sat through the Superbowl. Chelsea‘s success in the competition was estimated by Coventry Universityto be worth £69m (US$107m). The total prize money distributed between the… Read More »

Urban Vacation Weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark

Two Days In Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen in Denmark makes a great urban vacation location. The city of Copenhagen is vibrant, welcoming and packed full of history, as well as shopping and culture. English is widely spoken and there are cheap, frequent daily flights from most European capitals. You can certainly spend a week in Copenhagen… Read More »