Easy 13 Reasons Why Halloween Costume

By | September 12, 2017

13 Reasons Why has been one of the big TV hits of 2017.  A Netflix original adapted from the book by Jay Asher, it has caused a fair share of controversy, discussing as it does the extremely sensitive subjects of teen suicide, depression, mental illness, bullying, and teen sexuality. There’s more sensitive subjects to talk about, but this is a spoiler free costume.

There’s been lots of reaction, and plenty of teens have seen in it some important lessons in how to cope with high school life and how to reach out to others who may be quietly suffering loneliness and alienation.

Fashioning your own 13 Reasons Why Halloween Costume is easy and cheap.  You’ll already have most of what’s needed.  For many people the iconic image of the show is Clay Jenson and Hannah Baker sitting outside the movie theatre they both work in, chatting.

You’ll likely already have a pair of black jeans or pants, in fact, it’s best if they’re worn in a little.  You’ll probably already have a plain white shirt, if not they’re really cheap and easy to pick up in your local WalPlex or equivalent store such as Target or Walmart.

The key to the outfit is the iconic movie usher burgundy vest.  You can pick one up cheap from Amazon.  You’ll also want a black bow tie.  No need to invest in the full James Bond silk bow tie here, you want it to look cheap and to be pre-tied.  The cheapest come in at under five bucks, including shipping.

If you’re going as Clay then don a pair of black Converse Chuck Taylor All Star low tops.  If you don’t already have a pair, odds are you’ll know someone who does.  If you’re going as Hannah, then a pair of black biker boots are ideal, but not essential, and black footwear will do.

Top off the look with a classic Levi’s trucker jacket for Hannah, or a cheap black hoodie for Clay.  Again, you’re likely to own these or be able to borrow them.  If not you can get the trucker jacket here, and pick up a Fruit of the Loom hoodie at your local WalPlex.

If you really want to commit, get the hurricane plywood out of the basement or garage and paint a vaguely impressionist inspired blue scene on it, then set up two chairs in front of it.  Sit there through the party for maximum effect.

A note on taste: Don’t add blood or scars, it’s not big, it’s not clever, it’s also not coherent.  The costume is of the evening at the movie theater.

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