How To Wrap Gifts Inside Santa’s Belly

By | December 15, 2013

Santas BellyWrapping Gifts Under Santa’s Belt

Most craft projects are beyond me, but wrapping regularly shaped, boxed, rectangular gifts to give the impression that they’re safely stored in Santa’s belly is something even I can do.These presents are always considered a real treat.

I don’t wrap all my Christmas gifts this way, just a one or two for each family, and they look great under the tree, they’re always the ones that children look for first and that adults comment upon.I’m usually the person that ends up having to be unglued from my latest craft project, and ends up throwing away everything and starting again with an easier task, fortunately this is as easy as it gets, and if I can do it so can you. Add some home made gift tags from Santa’s elves and you are a Christmas crafter.

What You’ll Need …

Red wrapping paper, the metallic stuff works really well as it catches the light, particularly under the Christmas tree.Black and white card or robust wrapping paper (I used construction paper), and some yellow-gold paper or card. You can get fancy and use fake fur for Santa’s coat trim and fake leather for his belt. If I tried this it would go horribly wrong, and a hot glue gun would likely be involved. Keep it simple and it will still look effective.

Santa Wrap 1I made the belt buckle and belt out of construction paper as it was easy to cut and quite forgiving of my un-crafty hands and scissor technique.

I used Pritt Stick to hold the belt buckle and belt together because t’s easy to handle and keep tidy, and prevents me from gluing myself to the carpet. Don’t use anything much more powerful that could dissolve your wrapping.

I used standard sticky tape, with the handy dispenser you can wear on your hand to prevent losing the end of the roll.


Wrap Your Gift

Start by wrapping your gift in the red wrapping paper.Next, measure out the right width of “fur trim” for your parcel. I aim for about 1/6th of the width of the parcel to be white trim.Cut the right width of white construction paper or wrap. If it’s long enough to wrap the whole way around then hurrah, if not, don’t worry, it’s the front of the parcel you want to look good, no-one cares about the back.

Santa Wrap 2Next Add The Belt and Buckle

Next add Santa’s belt. Again, cut a strip of black construction paper or wrap for the belt, I tend to go about 1/8th the length of the gift, it’s really a judgement call based on what proportions look good to you.Wrap the strip around the gift and secure at the back using Scotch tape (or your favorite brand).Next up is the buckle – measure the intersection of the black and white paper, you’ll want to cut a square of gold paper that’s about 25% bigger than that.Next you need to fold the center of the gold paper just a little to snip it, so you can get your scissors in and cut out the center of the buckle.This isn’t a science project so I cut by eye, just so it looks right proportionally.Stick the buckle to the parcel using Pritt Stick (or your favorite brand), put something solid like a book on top for ten minutes so it dries in place – but first make sure there is no glue squidging out which could glue the parcel to the book.Relax and enjoy your crafty success.

Santa Wrap BeltThe Alternative Santa Gift Card Tin - $50 Santa Gift Card Tin – $50

It looks the same, it packs into carry on luggage, and your recipient will no doubt be happy.

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