I Love My StabMixer Stick Blender

By | January 6, 2015

StabMixerOwning a hand blender has changed my life. I admit, it’s not like winning the lottery in the life-changing stakes, but it has made plenty of kitchen jobs much easier, and encouraged me to try new recipes and cooking styles.

I have a food processor, it’s great, but it is bulky and has plenty of useful but fiddly attachments. My stick blender is just there, raring to go, “no muss no fuss”. I just plug it in, squeeze the trigger and get blending, or mixing or pureeing.

It’s super easy to clean, once I’m done the blade section unclips from the motor with a squeeze and I can either run it under the faucet so it’s ready for the next job, or throw it in the dishwasher and get on with something more interesting than clean up.

The best feature about any stick blender or stab mixer is that you can mix or liquidize your ingredients right in the saucepan, slow cooker, mixing bowl or whatever you like. This stick blender comes with a 3 cup mixing jug, which is handy for measuring in, but I usually go ahead and blend wherever the ingredients already are.

I can make great soups and sauces whilst I’m out all day by popping veggies in the Crock Pot letting them cook whilst I get on with my day, and then I can blend them together right in the slow cooker, without having to transfer them to a food processor.

The Cuisinart Smartstick allows me to choose the texture of what I’m blending,I can mix just the left hand side of a dish then stir it all back together. That’s perfect for chowder, or I can blend all the way down, hiding vegetables in sauces for children.

This Cuisinart Hand Blender is ideal for making ice cream, frozen fruit yogurt and sorbets as it has the power to break up crystals as they’re freezing, and introduces just enough air. Because everything thing stays in its container, you’re not losing to much to waste as you transfer to a food processor. You can blend ice cream or yogurt smoothies right in the cup.

Right now Amazon has this top rated blender at 46% off, perfect for a Holiday gift, or to make your Holiday cooking much easier.

Check Out the range of colors, chrome and white are classic, but Cuisinart make a full range, designed to suit your style. Click through to see them all.

If you aren’t worried about matching kitchen decor then do take a quick look at each of the colors anyway – sometimes a color that is going to be discontinued is discounted.

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