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Secret Chocolate Surprise Cookies

These sneaky cookies look like your average run of the mill vanilla cookies, but they hide a sneaky chocolate treat.  I made these with a regular bar of chocolate, using one chunk per cookie, but in the post-Christmas chocolate rush I think I’ll try them with left over Celebration chocolates or Quality Street ones.  Someone… Read More »

Pizza Flavor Bomb

This flavor packed pizza has very few ingredients, but the ones it has are packed with flavor so every bite is a little pizza party in your mouth. Choosing great ingredients and using them sparingly gives you a fantastic pizza experience with far fewer calories than a blander option. This anchovy and pesto pizza is… Read More »

Nordic Potatoes

Like Funeral Potatoes, But Better When I first tasted this dish it was like my tastebuds were having a party and everyone was invited. It has all the scrumminess of chips (that’s fries to my North American friends), along with heavenly creaminess, yet with an under current of umami that makes them ultra-moreish. I love… Read More »

Apple Pancake Pie

I made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. They were good, very good. American style big fat fluffy pancakes. Then I went too far. I thought “pancakes – good”, “pie – good”, “apple – good”, therefore Apple Pancake Pie must be good. It wasn’t. It took much much longer to cook than the recipe suggested and it… Read More »