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Falafel Salad Pizza Recipe

An Easy, Flexible Mediterranean Flatbread Salad Recipe Falafel – good. Flatbread – good. Salad – good. Feta – good. Hummus – good. What’s not to like? OK, so if there is an element you don’t like, you can substitute it, this isn’t a recipe that calls for exact ingredients, you can change it around depending… Read More »

Cheesy Spinach Beer Bread Recipe

Cheesy Spinach Beer Bread vs Green Monster Bread I like to think of this as a yin-yang kind of recipe. The goodness elements and the not-so-healthy ingredients balance each other out into a perfect union of healthiness and tastiness. There’s quite a few nutrients hiding in this bread, and it tastes great. For adults I… Read More »

Mussels Steamed In Beer Easy Recipe

Mussels make for a great meal to share. They always look impressive but are quick and easy to prepare. There’s no need to be scared, they’re perfectly safe and will even let you know if they’re not good to eat. Mussels even grow in their own cutlery, making them easy to eat too. Whilst white… Read More »

Festive Estonian Cinnamon Ring

People like cinnamon rolls, I hold this truth to be self evident. I am deeply suspicious of anyone who doesn’t like cinnamon rolls. It seems the Estonians have perfected the art of the cinnamon roll. That’s an achievement that any nation can be truly proud of. I thought the Swedes had it cracked, but no, let’s… Read More »

Bread Machine Pizza

Pizza is good. I hold this truth to be self evident, but lately I’ve found that belief to be shaken a little by frozen pizza that it indistinguishable in flavour from the box it came in and take-away pizza which is made with synthetic cheese rather than the real thing. Since I have a bread… Read More »