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Falafel Salad Pizza Recipe

An Easy, Flexible Mediterranean Flatbread Salad Recipe Falafel – good. Flatbread – good. Salad – good. Feta – good. Hummus – good. What’s not to like? OK, so if there is an element you don’t like, you can substitute it, this isn’t a recipe that calls for exact ingredients, you can change it around depending… Read More »

Easy Fig and Gorgonzola Pizza Recipe

This fig and Gorgonzola pizza takes almost no hands-on preparation time and looks really impressive. Fig and Gorgonzola go really well together, the sweet and salty, smooth and crunchy combinations are heavenly. It’s a dish that makes a nice change from a more traditional tomato and mozzarella pizza, and no-one complains there’s no meat on… Read More »

Pizza Flavor Bomb

This flavor packed pizza has very few ingredients, but the ones it has are packed with flavor so every bite is a little pizza party in your mouth. Choosing great ingredients and using them sparingly gives you a fantastic pizza experience with far fewer calories than a blander option. This anchovy and pesto pizza is… Read More »

Courgette and Egg Pizza

I love pizza, and it’s an easy meal to make at home, whilst making you look like you’re a Masterchef contender. Throughout the summer my garden churns out courgettes (zucchini) by the bucket load and I’m always looking to find new ways to use them up in ways that don’t get boring.  I’ve tried all… Read More »

Bread Machine Pizza

Pizza is good. I hold this truth to be self evident, but lately I’ve found that belief to be shaken a little by frozen pizza that it indistinguishable in flavour from the box it came in and take-away pizza which is made with synthetic cheese rather than the real thing. Since I have a bread… Read More »