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Canal Mania: An Industrial Revolution Game

Current concerns about how to reduce carbon emissions, combined with worries about how to move freight around Britain’s ever more congested roadways without bringing the country to a standstill have led to a renewed interest in Britain’s waterways. Canals fueled the industrial revolution, transporting goods around the country quickly and cheaply compared to road transport… Read More »

Tired and Emotional In The UK

The Great British Euphemism Despite popular opinion, British people will often go out of their way to avoid being rude. Partly that’s because we’re a really polite people, but in the public area of life it’s also because the libel laws in the UK are draconian and people can be sued for publishing untruths about… Read More »

Who Will Win The MAN Booker Prize?

Man Booker 2015 The Man Booker Prize is huge, and in 2014 it got even bigger. It’s been open to novelists who come from The Commonwealth of Nations, plus Ireland and Zimbabwe, writing in English, but from 2014 the USA was included. The sales generated by making it on to the MAN Booker list are exceptional, with… Read More »